Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Maps and Modes Guide

Our Fall Guys Maps, Levels, and Game Modes Guide is a comprehensive walkthrough from scratch of each and everything about these features of the iteration.

Wanna know all there is to know about the Levels, Maps, and Game Modes in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout before you jump into this crazy venture of escalating chaos? Well, you’re in luck because you’ve come to just the right place.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Maps and Modes

There are a total of 24 Maps and 4 Game Modes in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Each minigame will start off with a Race level, followed by a Survival level or a Team Level depending upon the number of players.

The last round of the game will revolve around a Final Game Level which will see players engaging in a ruthless free-for-all. Only one player will be able to earn the crown.

Below, you’ll find each Game Mode with its specific description, Levels, and Maps. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to it!


You’ll have to get past an obstacle to success.

Maps/Levels Description
Dizzy Heights Reach the finish line by racing past the spinning platform.
Hit Parade Avoid the obstacles on your way to the finish line.
See Saw Make sure to balance across a series of see-saws to reach the finish line.
Door Dash Keep yourself away from the fake door as you make a run for the finish line.
Gate Crash Dodge the moving door to reach the finish line.
Tip Toe Find the hidden pathway to the finish line while being wary of the fake tiles.
The Whirlygig Dodge spinning beam, hammers and fans on your way to the finish line.
Slime Climb Outpace the rising slime as you rush towards the finish line.
Fruit Chute Avoid falling fruit on your way to the finish line on the conveyer belt.


Survival Mode

Find a way to stay alive until time runs out or enough of the players have been eliminated.

Maps/Levels Description
Jump Club Hop over the spinning beam to keep yourself from falling off.
Roll Out Avoid falling off by moving between the rotating rings.
Block Party Try to stay on the platform and do not go near the walls.
Perfect Match Match the icon on the screen to keep yourself from falling off.
Tail Tag Grab the tail of any player with one as soon as the time ends.



You’ll engage in numerous game types. Make sure your team wins it all!

Maps/Levels Description
Egg Scramble Your team’s basket must have the most eggs.
Rock ‘N’ Roll Push a giant ball through a hindered course.
Fall Ball Roll the ball into your opponent’s net to score more goals than your opponent before the time runs out.
Team Your team must have more tails than the opponent team before the time ends.
Jinx The opponent team must be fully jinxed before yours.
Hoopsey Daisy Jump and dive through the hoops to get more points for your team in the given time.
Hoarders Make sure that when the time runs out, the ball is in your team’s zone.


Final Stage

Win the final game to wear the victor’s crown.

Maps/Levels Description
Fall Mountain Grab the crown by racing with your opponents to the top of the mountain.
Hex-A-Gone Make sure you’re the last man standing on the disappearing hexagonal platforms.
Royal Fumble Make sure you’re wearing a tail when the time runs out to succeed.

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