Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Controls Guide

A short yet useful guide to help you with Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout controls.

Fall Guys has become a popular multiplayer party game and it features a free-for-all of up to 60 players. This guide features information about the controls for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout so you can jump (or fall) right into the action!

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Controls

There are only a handful of controls that players will have to make out, though you will still want to learn them before-hand since just winging it during the obstacles is a one-way ticket to elimination if you press the wrong thing.

However, if you know what you’re doing, moves like diving and grabbing can give you head starts and thus give you an advantage in various minigames.

Though the game has not been released on Xbox, but we’ve mentioned the controls here so that if you’re using the Xbox controller with your PC, this guide can help you out as well.


ActionPS4 ControlsXbox ControlsPC Keyboard Controls
MoveLeft Analog StickLeft Analog StickWASD
Adjust CameraRight Analog StickRight Analog StickMouse
JumpXASpace Bar
Dive (In Air)SquareXCtrl
Show Player NamesL2LTTab
EmotesD-Pad directionsD-Pad directions1, 2, 3, 4

You’ll be needing this to get over most of the obstacles in the game


There are many levels in the game where players will be required to grab on to certain ledges, pick up balls or even grief other players.

It’s very important that players learn to Grab and practice the skill thoroughly. You also need to know how to grab if you want to actually win the game as you need to get your hands on the crown.

Diving is essential as it not only helps you cover distances but it’s also great for pushing large objects or hitting headers on the large soccer balls.

In order to collect the crown that allows you to win the game, you will have to use a combination of jump, dive and grab to win the game so learn these controls well and good luck!

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