Fall Guys Season 2 Gets Release Date, Coming October 8

Fall Guys Season 2 has finally gotten a release date, coming on October 8 with new games and new costumes to play and buy.

Ever since Fall Guys season 2 was revealed during the Gamescom opening night livestream, the game’s fanbase has been very excited on what sort of changes it will make. Now, we actually have a release date for the new season. We can expect to get into season 2 next Thursday, on October 8.

Fall Guys has exploded in popularity ever since its release in August, where it took the second spot on the Playstation Plus list alongside the remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Since then, despite hiccups, its player numbers have kept very steady.

A mid-season upgrade actually took place several weeks ago, offering changeups to tired maps and the addition of an obstacle known as Big Yeetus, a hammer obstacle that could knock any unfortunate bean flying through the air in whatever direction.

The obstacles that developer Mediatonic apparently has in mind for Fall Guys season 2 not only changes the theme, but also many different games. The games will now be built on a more medieval theme, including costumes and arenas, with some games even requiring players to work together even in free-for-all rounds.

While we don’t know about any of the games that will be coming yet aside from what we saw in the video played at Gamescom, the new games will hopefully be distinct enough from the old ones to not only help re-energize the playerbase but also draw new fans in, at least those who haven’t already downloaded the game.

A new season might also allow players who never had any luck at getting crowns in the game to have a change of fortune. With 60 other players running around, the chances of getting a crown were slim, especially in the current games, but with Fall Guys season 2, the new games may in turn allow more wins.

Either way, from Monday until the release day for the season, players of Fall Guys can earn double fame to get you ready for the transition. You can play Fall Guys on the Playstation 4 or PC.

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