Facepunch Interested in Bringing Rust to PS4 and Xbox One

Would you like to see Rust be made available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Facepunch Studios has been revealed to be planning to reach out to newer platforms. Garry Newman, boss and the one behind the immensely popular Source engine sandbox Garry’s Mod, has stated that his team is now in possession of Xbox One devkits and will soon be reaching out to the PS4 as well.

Posting on Twitter the developer suggested that he is interested in bringing Rust on both the new consoles. “Neither have an Early Access program afaik – so anything we do is a while off,” he wrote.

A series of Twitter posts also revealed that Rust has currently amassed over a million downloads while still in an early alpha phase. Despite it being unfinished, the game is gaining popularity. It is now second on the Steam charts, just behind DayZ.

Facepunch recently released their anti-cheat system called Cheatpunch which detected and banned 4,621 players in total. The studio though reminded everyone that Cheatpunch is not the solution to everything and that soon there will be other hacks that bypass the anti-cheat. Facepunch promised to continue their battle against the cheats.

Source Twitter

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