Fable Legends GDC Schedule Still Intact, This is How Sudden Its Cancellation Was

Fable Legends was cancelled recently and the news still hasn’t fully sunk-in. It is one of the most sudden cancellations we have seen in the gaming industry.

Did you know that Fable Legends was suppose to be at GDC 2016? It’s heartbreaking to see Fable Legends GDC schedule but it indicates how Microsoft handled its cancellation.

Below you can an image showing GDC schedule and it still mentions Fable Legends. This gets to show how suddenly Microsoft dropped the axe on this project, clearly, not even Lionhead had an idea of it. Previously, Microsoft said that it had put a lot of thought into this but I don’t think they did, if so, at least the game’s developer didn’t know about it.

Just days before Microsoft’s announcement Lionhead was sending out beta invites to players. I can only imagine how hard it must be for developers to suddenly trash everything they worked on for years.

What you see is a giant Billboard outside GDC in San Francisco. “Creating Lush Dynamic Procedure Foliage for Fable Legends” was going to be the topic of discussion at Game Developers Conference.

Fable Legends was the victim of Microsoft’s changing direction and its shifting development methods. Moreover, Microsoft apparently wants to invest in games that are more fun and engaging. We can’t say why they thought Fable Legends wasn’t fun or engaging, may be they knew something we don’t.

You can still play Fable Legends if you were invited for the beta, already have access, and the client installed. You can do so by April 13, the final day for Fable Legends.

There won’t be any more beta invites till April 13, so if you don’t already have access, say your final goodbyes right now.

You can head over here to see details on refunds, shutting down of services, and beta invites for Fable Legends.

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