Fable Legends Details Revealed in a New Video – Playable Characters and More

Fable Legends – the upcoming new addition to the Fable series – an RPG co-op adventure has answered many of Fan Questions in this video. A summary of those questions and answers is provided below:

  • For the first release, there will probably be only one central town hub which is named “BrightLodge”, although more are expected to be added as more and more content is added to the game.
  • Currently, through the trailer, only 4 playable characters have been unveiled, but more are to be added during the development cycle, and after release, a steady stream of updates is supposed to add a ton of new characters, each with their own functionality and their own unique personality.
  • There isn’t an open world,  but more of a “guided experience”, narrowing down the open-ness of the game to allow players and villains to easily acquaint with particular areas and know the advantages and disadvantages they hold to them.
  • Many things about the heroes will be customizable, including their appearance, abilities and weapons.
  •  Fable Legends will be highly supported by Update Mechanisms which will be present to add a steady stream  of content to the game, including new heroes, maps and quests.
  • Different Characters will have different points of view, dependent on their personality, with the villain having a very unique perspective that allows him/her to function in a manner that no one else can do so.
  • Pets may appear, with “canine love” being incorporated into the game. The question of whether houses will be available in the game hasn’t been addressed.
  • The Controller is the main focus of the developers, even though the Kinect can also be used to voice some commands out, especially for the villain, but all of them can be done with a controller too.

This marks as the latest reveal for the upcoming Microsoft Xbox One Exclusive that’s expected to have at least a 5-10 years life cycle. The upcoming RPG claims to be fully utilizing the cutting edge nature of next-gen consoles and to be a fun experience that you can play with upto three friends and a villain character.

Excited about the news? Can’t wait for Fable Legends to be released? Not satisfied with some of the things the video focuses on? Voice out your thoughts in the comments section below.

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