Fable Legends: Cloud Computing, Dedicated Servers Confirmed

This year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC 2015) has brought forth tons of new details on some of the most anticipated games of the year.

When you talk about anticipated games on Xbox One, one name shouts out louder: Fable Legends. So Lionhead Studios, the developers, talked about the game for a good while at the conference.

They held a panel called “Fable Legends: Cross-device Gameplay with Xbox Live,” the Engineering Lead at Lionhead Studios Raymond Arifianto took to the stage with Julian Davis another Engineering Director and talked about the crossplay features and the usage of cloud computing for the same.

The two revealed that the game was going to be using dedicated servers which is going to further enhance the seamless experience of crossplay that they are boasting off. The dedicated servers were chosen after they tried out peer to peer connectivity but decided it was not going to meet the expectations.

Not just that, it was also announced by the developers that the game was going to follow in the footsteps of Forza Motorsport and Titanfall by using Cloud Computing.

This means that the game will have better security and the ability to run all simulations; not to forget no host feature.

Parallel to this, Lionhead Studios also shared at the same time that the game was completely going to ignore the platform that you are using and provide you with the ultimate seamless experience.

Fable Legends is being developed for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and it is going to get released this year. So far we don’t know the specific release date but I am sure we will find out soon.

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