Fable Legends Cancellation: Everything You Need to Know, Refunds, Final Date

Fable Legends Cancellation came as a shock to all of us. We were under the assumption that development is going smoothly, beta invites were sent-out on March 2. It is still hard to believe that is such a short time it went from beta to being cancelled.

Now that the game is no more, resting in peace in the digital graveyard, there are somethings you should know. Many questions are being asked right now, like when will its services be shut down? What about Refunds? And more.

We have all the answer for you right here.

What is Happening?

Well, the game is cancelled and won’t be releasing on Xbox One and PC. Developer Lionhead is also on the verge of shutting down. Reasons behind the cancellation are still not clear but Microsoft said it wants to invest in games fans find engaging and fun to play.

When will Fable Legends services be ceased?

Beta participants have until April 13 before the game is buried forever (15:00 GMT on Wednesday 13 April 2016). You have until this time to keep playing Fable Legends beta, if you already have access.

Will I be Able to Buy Gold from in-game Store?

No, Gold purchases are no longer available.

What about things I already purchased, any refunds?

Yes, Microsoft will be offering refunds and eligible players will be contacted via email in the next 7 days. If you have purchased Gold, you will get a refund. More information will be shared directly with you, so keep a look out for an email from Microsoft.

Will There will be More Beta Invites Before April 13?

No, players who already have access can play Fable Legends beta till April 13. However, new players won’t be invited to try the game.

These were the necessary details you should know about Fable Legends cancellation.

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