Fable 3 Walkthrough Guide (Xbox 360, PC)

Starting out on Fable 3? We have the walkthrough for your assistance.

Fable III is third installment in the Fable series, an action adventure role playing game by Lionhead studios. It will support multiplayer for the first time and will be releasing on PC also, along with Xbox 360. Fable III starts 25-30 years after the events of Fable II. The old hero Monarch has died and left the kingdom in the hands of a tyrant, Logan.

You will play as Logan’s sibling and go on to become a revolutionary leader. If you are to successfully make long journey, this guide will be assist you in every quest you are to take, with our brief walkthrough guide.

Fable 3 Walkthrough Guide

Complete Fable 3 walkthrough.

Life in the Castle

Once you have selected your sex, you will need to select an outfit for your character. Both these choice won’t affect the gameplay. Obviously if you choose female or a male, you can romance with opposite sex accordingly. Now there will be a golden guideline, which will tell you the shortest distance to your objective. In short following this golden trail is your best shot.

After selection of character, you need to find your friend. In order to that follow the track to the staircase and ultimately meet your friend. Follow the guidelines during the talk. Hold your friend’s hand (Left Trigger) and enter the castle. After you enter the golden circle, you will now be asked to make a choice. You will have to make these choices throughout the campaign and most of the cases, you will have to choose between good and evil. Again, the choice is yours. Hold A or X to make the choice.

Now you will visit your brother. While on the way, you will have to make another choice to sign the document or not.Now at the end of golden track, you need to grab that sword placed in the rack. Then you will have a fight with Walter and you will learn the basics here. In order to perform a Flourish, you need to press and Hold X and then using the Analogue stick you can press towards Walter. Release X for a successful Flourish.


Head to your evil brother where you will asked to make a tough choice. Again it depends on your style and thoughts that which one you choose. After this scene is over, follow Walter again to the courtyard.

Leaving the Castle

At the temple,you will receive a Guild Steal. After that, you will be guided to a gate across which you will find boxes that can upgrade your weapons and abilities. You will find these gates throughout the game.

Fireballs? You can use them to against the enemies around you. You can charge them (if you press and hold B) or if you upgrade them, there damage radius will increase.Once you are back to the Catacomb, use your new learned ability to open the closed gate.

Now the path across the gate leads to a fork. You can gather some collectibles here or unlock an achievement. Read our collectibles and achievements guide to find all of them throughout the game.

Across the bridge, awaits a fight for you. Yea i know bats are creepy but still you will have to confront them and finish them off with your fireball ability. You can take out multiple bats with one well place shot. If they target Jasper, you need to stop them too. Keep moving while battling with bats and ultimately you will reach a gate. Stand on it and cast a fireball to activate it.

The Sanctuary is the place from where you can upgrade your weapons and stuff. There is a map at the center of the room from where you can reach any location you want instantaneously. So it is more or less like a save house location in the game. Use this map to head to the Dweller’s camp.

A New Hero

This is your first ordeal. You will struggle in the beginning as people won’t be generous with you in the beginning. Walter will give you some Gold (500) so that you can buy some new clothes.

Now before you head down to another group of people, you can attain a golden ring for future use. Head to the village gate and follow the path that will lead to you a pond. Enter the pond and reach it’s center. Dive here below to get the ring.

After purchasing the Dweller grab and press start to reach the Sanctuary. Change your clothes and then head back to the village. Follow your trail that will lead you to Walter and Sabine. Here begins the cut scene. After it is over, head to the library.

Then head to the Mistpeak valley and if you keep on following the path, you will reach a bridge. Across the bridge you will end up in some ruins. Your dog can find you some treasure so keeping an eye on him can be useful as he can dig the places where you can find treasure.

You will have some more enemies in the form of Wolves this time. Fireballs is your option. You will have to charge the fireball if you want to take the wolf in one shot. Moving forward, you will encounter more wolves. Keep your distance from them as if you head closer, you can be overrun by them. After taking care of them, you may want to collect a health potion located in a cave entrance just beside the location where snow leads to greenery.

Keep on following the trail till you reach a bridge across which is the Brightwall village. There are many things to explore in this village specially treasure and some collectibles. Reach the library and meat the librarian named Samuel. After talking to him, follow him down the stairs and open the door.

At the Reliquary, you will find more treasure and some real fight this time. Keep on following your trail. On the left side of the entrance, there is a path with bookshelves. Here your dog can learn a new trick if you open a book named “Dog Training Combat 2” by using the “Silver Key Chest” you will find there. Your dog will now be able to attack the enemies.

At the termination of the golden trail, you will find an object when you are equipped with the melee weapon only. So press the start button and Jasper will show you your armory. Your initial weapons of choice will be Hero Hammer and Hero Sword. You can choose any of them from the armory using Start button. Since Hammer’s strength increases when it is used, it has slightly upper hand than the other one.

Then you will encounter some blue shining structures. These are the “Hollow Men”. Keeping a distance from them is your best option as when your are surrounded by skeletons, you should fireballs to get rid of them. Use the charged ball with accuracy for the maximum damage.

Cross the bridge and keep on following the trail. Then you need to hit a Red switch with the fireball to enter the next area. Now this area is tricky a bit. You need to reach all three boxes and the paths will be visible only once you step on the shining arrows. New arrows will appear only when you destroy the Hollow men there. Start form the central one and open all three of them.

The opened blocks will lead you to stairs. Move down using the stairs and from the ledge, enter into the water where you can find an Amethyst. Head further to a closed door which you can open using a charged fireball. After killing some Hollow Men, you will ultimately find a yellow switch. Time to head to the armory again. You will be shown the fire weapons you can use. There will be 2 in the beginning one is the Pistol and other Rifle. Pistol is relatively accurate than Rifle while the Rifle is more damaging.

Head back to the game and now press that switch. Knock the Hollow men using your firearm. As you move along, keep on fighting with them. Now since you have three weapons to use, use them wisely by rotation.

At the top of the Ramps, you will find the “Music Box”. After the cutscene, you will get a chance for upgrades through the gate. Be wise as if you are choosing level 1 and 2 upgrades, they won’t benefit you more as when you will be able to buy level 3 these upgrades will automatically included in them. I will suggest that you upgrade your fireball ability here. You can also upgrade your firearms if you want.

Exit the door and you will head back to the library this time.Now you need t see Walter again. You can use the your map to reach the places you have visited before instantly by pressing the start button through Sanctuary.

In Wolf’s Clothing

You need to look a Mercenary to infiltrate their camp. Head to the Quandary in the Bright Village again and see Walter. Once you follow him, you will have to get his clothes and then change them from your wardrobe in the Sanctuary. If you are short on points (1000 G are needed for the outfit) then you obviously need to earn them by completing some jobs. Two job locations will be marked on your map.

These jobs aren’t like social or criminal nature but are button pressing exercises. You will need to press the button when the moving cursor crosses a series of same colors. At each successful press, you will gain points so you will have to do this exercise till you get total of 1000 G atleast.

Follow the trail and get the mercenary beard and right arm tattoo from the shop. Head to the Sanctuary and transform yourself into a complete mercenary(Outfit, beard and tattoo).

Leaders and Followers

Once you are ready to infiltrate, you need to enter Mercenary camp through Mitspeak Valley. Access the gate and just beside the entrance is a health potion you can grab.You can find more health and a tattoo if you move along the path to the right.

Although your infiltration was successful but it does not mean that you won’t pick up a fight with them. You can pick a fight yourself or they are going to attack you sooner or later. After taking care of the first group, you will find that there are more of them beyond the gate.

There are some barrels uphill that you can shoot and use them against your enemy. Fireballs are again recommended for long range attacks. Keep on moving and you will find mercenaries to wipe off.

Move along and more mercenaries behind the sand bags. From the top of the 2nd guard tower, you can take care of the Merc using the Flourish attack. Once you have taken care of most of them, head down the hill and you will reach a gate of wooden Fort. I will suggest that look around a bit for slow time potion and other collectibles before you enter the Fort.

Your first Boss action has arrived. You need to confront Captain Saker’s Wrath and defeat him. The basic tip for defeating him is that you should keep your distance from him as his melee attacks can prove lethal. You can take care of smaller enemies he will call using your “slow time” potion. Once Captain Saker is defeated, it’s your choice whether you want to kill him or not.

After the fight Road to rule awaits you. Upgrade your arms and abilities. Be wise, Magic level upgrade is recommended. Head back to Sanctuary and now again to Walter to perform the last job for Sabine. Once you are done with them head back to Sanctuary be pressing start button and Jasper will brief you about the Side Quests you find on the map. These Quests earn you followers. For the time being you need to complete 2 of them, Missing Child and Gnomes are Great.

To initiate “Gnomes are Great” see the man down the stairs. To collect the package, you need to head to Mitspeak valley where you will have to fight some Mercs to get the required article. Take the package to Jonathon in Brightwall village. After he is done with the processing, you can leave from there.

Now it’s the Missing Child. Meet the women at the far side of the bridge to start the Quest. Follow the trail and head to the cave where you can find the child. Get the child and head back to your location. You will be resisted by many wolves on your way. These wolves won’t cause much difficulty. return the child and you will get 5 Guild Steals in return.

You still need more Guild Seals. So more Quests are needed to be completed. You can complete Gnomes are Evil for 50 more Guild Seals. Head to Jonathan once this side quest appears on your map (it will appear once you have completed the Gnomes are Great Quest). You need to take down all of these creatures to complete the quest. Refer to our Gnomes Location guide for assistance. For the rest of the Guild Seals, you can choose from any of the Side Quests.

The Hollow Legion

Now before you to the fort and defend it. There are some chests you can explore to get some health and weapons if you want. You can have one legendary weapon in a chest before heading down the ramp. You will require 10 Silver keys to open this chest. You can find another chest under the bridge for another Legendary weapon.

Now after collecting some useful weapons, your task will be to defend the fort as told by Ben Finn. Use the Cannon to defend the Fort from hollow men. There will be waves after waves of them and you will have to take them out using that cannon. Since it’s a cannon you will have to adjust your aim accordingly to take down the mobile enemies.

Then you will be asked to defend the back side of the fort. This time you will have to do it on your own using your magic tricks and weapons. It is recommended that, you take out the groups of hollow men first and then any individual stragglers.

Next is your encounter with “Simmons”. You can dodge his attacks by rolling around. He can teleport and summon hollow men so will need to be careful a bit. Use your powerful attacks against the boss while charged balls will do against the hollow men.

Once you are done with Simmons, leave the fort and your next job will be to make Major Swift a part of your army. After some upgrades, you will be called by Sir Walter to the Bowerstone Industrial area. Before you can begin enter the Sunset house, you will have to adjust some statues in gazebo in front yard. The posture of these statues change between day and night.

You need to make their posture same when it is day or night. You can shift between day and night by heading to Mourningwood and then returning back. Once you have adjusted their positions, the Door to the Sunset house will open. Head inside it and rest at the prescribed location.

You will be transported to a new location where you will meet Chesty. You will have to play chess (not more than 5 minutes ad you don’t need to win it) with him. After he destroys the game in fury, you will be tested by different challenges like Hobbes some ninjas and mercs. You can use charged balls to take care of them. Once you have taken care of all of his challenges, Chesty will return you to the mansion again.

Back to the Mourningwood now, and follow the golden trail to Sir Walter who will lead you to the protest in the streets. After the protest, follow the trail to the Bowerstone Resistance. You will be awarded 50 Guild seals once you are done talking with Page. But next you are going to need 100 Guild seals. You can either explore Bowerstone or begin the side Quest “Kidnapped” to gain the rest of the Guild seals.

Bowerstone Resistance

As mentioned before, you need to complete some side quests to get the required number of Guild seals. “Kidnapped” is your first one. A girl (who is the fiancé of the kidnapped one) will lead you to the Cesspools. Once you are in, you will encounter some people who will attack you. Obviously, you need to take them out.

Ultimately, you will reach to the kidnapped person (Gerald). You need to take get him out of the Cesspools. As you move along the pools, some bats will attack you. You can take care of them using the fireballs. Next will be some Hobbes which won’t present any serious trouble to you. You will reach the surface soon completing the side quest. This side quest will earn you 30 Guild seals.

Now you need to complete more side quests. It is better that you complete the quests that open new locations for you which in turn facilitates in gathering various collectibles. You can also buy some shops which will earn you revenue. This can prove useful especially when you plan to run Albion later. But again, if you have been evil then you may not require any purchasing.

After that, head to the Bowerstone HQ and head to the room where you will listen to the discussion . Once the discussion is over, you need to meet Page in Millfields.


Meet Page in front Reaver’s Manor and she will ask you to wear “Masquerade costume”. So head back to Sanctuary and return after changing your costume. Follow Butler now and he will lead you to Reaver. As he spins the “Wheel”, you will encounter some enemies. You will face Hobbes in the first room .Deal with them with your magic attacks.

Head back and another spin of wheel, this time there will be Hollow men mainly you need to deal with. Take them out quickly as they can summon more enemies. Then there are Mercenaries. Use your ranged attacks to deal with them. After that, you will face enemies you have never dealt before. They are the “Sand Furies” with great agility. If you have any health potions, don’t forget to use them.

Then there will be the final wave of enemies, “Balverines”. Keep your distance from them and use ranged attacks to take them out. They have the ability to dodge your attacks so you need to be precise with your attacks. Head to Page again and after your discussion with her is over, it’s Road to Rule once again. Upgrade your Arms and spells.


If you want the ending being good then you are going to need large assets to run an empire (as already mentioned before). But if you don’t care then follow Ben Finn in Bowerstone to the door. Take down enemies in the perimeter (you can use the barrels for the explosions). After that follow your trail and head to the ship. Before boarding the ship, you can use the “Road to Rule” for the upgrades.

Darkness Incarnate

Next, you will find yourself in Aurora. Head straight up and you will find stairs leading down. You will see Mr. Walter there. After you have picked up the book, there will be another cutscene. Once it’s over, head down the stairs. Activate the switch pointed out by Walter. Then he will remove the hurdle using his book.

Next, you will encounter another new form of enemy. They like the shadows will come to surround you. So you can use your charged attacks to take them down collectively. As you move along with Walter, you will face anther waves of enemies. Keep on moving after dealing with them and as you reach the sandy portion, Shadows will attack you again. You can ignore them if you are quick enough.

Once you find the helpless Walter, you will have to fight different waves of enemies. By now you must have an idea that which attack should be used against which enemy. Once you are done with them. Take Walter with you to the Shifting Sands.

Now here in Shifting Sands, you can either take Walter with you or just leave him behind. The choice is yours. Obviously if you leave him; Your Evil status will increase and so on. Either way (whether you take him or leave him) he will be fine at the end. If you decide him to take with you, you will have to face some of the Shadows.

Next you will open your eyes in Aurora city. You will be surrounded by Ben and another character named “Kalin”. After you regain consciousness, follow the trail and you will meet a man. After he is done with the story, head back to Kalin and you will have another choice to make. You can promise to restore “Aurora” or deny it. Road to rule after that. Once you are done with the upgrades, you can head back to Albion through ship.

The Battle for Albion

Next begins the quest to stand against the ruler. You will face many enemies before reaching your final destination. So get you arms ready and start following the trail. Kalin will destroy the gate once you have dealt with the guards near the Mortar.

You can blow a barrel to kill the clustered the ones in cover. Keep on fighting till all of them are finished. Next, you will be crowned (cutting long things short) as the Ruler of Albion which will begin your next struggle.

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