Fable 3 Cheats, Achievements, Unlocks, Secrets Guide

The old hero Monarch has died and left the kingdom in the hands of a tyrant, Logan. You play as Logan’s sibling and go on to become a revolutionary leader. No more spoilers now, if you are to play this game and interested in getting some achievements on the go, take a look on the guide below which illustrates every achievement of the game and how you can get it. You can gain 1000 points through a total of 50 achievements.

Fable 3 Cheats, Achievements, Unlocks, Easter Eggs


The Guild SealPoints: 10
Unleash your heroic potential.

And So It BeginsPoints: 20
Win the support of the Dwellers.

Swift JusticePoints: 20
Win the support of the Swift Brigade.

The ResistancePoints: 50
Win the support of Bowerstone.

Distant FriendsPoints: 20
Win the support of Aurora.

The Ruler of AlbionPoints: 80
Become the ruler of Albion.

For AlbionPoints: 80

Save the PrincessPoints: 10
Rescue the princess from the evil Baron.

Ghost BrothersPoints: 10
Make sure Max and Sam get home in time for tea.

Tragical-Comical-HistoricalPoints: 10
Help the celebrated thespians Lambert and Pinch put on the world’s greatest play.

The Dark SanctumPoints: 10
Reinstate an ancient, evil temple.

Island ParadisePoints: 10
Establish the island of Driftwood.

Knight Jumps ChestyPoints: 10
Defeat Chesty at his own game.

Coronation ChickenPoints: 10
Perform a royal judgment while dressed as a chicken.

SpellweaverPoints: 5
Combine two gauntlets to cast a “woven” spell.

ArchmagePoints: 20
Cast all 15 possible spell combinations.

Total WarriorPoints: 10
Kill enemies with melee, ranged and spell attacks.

PullPoints: 10
Send an enemy flying into the air and kill him while he is airborne.

Gunning for GloryPoints: 20
Kill 500 enemies using firearms.

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill ItPoints: 20
Kill 500 enemies using melee weapons.

Wizard’s RevengePoints: 20
Kill 500 enemies using magic.

Super HeroPoints: 50
Fully upgrade your Melee, Ranged, and Magic abilities on the Road to Rule.

You Can’t Bring Me DownPoints: 50
Complete Fable III without being knocked out in combat.

My Weapon’s better than YoursPoints: 25
Complete 3 unique upgrades on one of the legendary weapons found around Albion.

I Am the KeymasterPoints: 30
Collect all 50 Silver Keys and 4 Gold Keys.

Flower PowerPoints: 30
Collect all 30 Auroran Flowers.

Gnome InvasionPoints: 30
Destroy all 50 Gnomes.

Brightwall Book ClubPoints: 30
Collect all 30 rare books for the Brightwall Academy.

DiggerPoints: 15
Dig up 50 items.

We Need Guns, Lots of GunsPoints: 20
Collect all 50 legendary weapons. They will not all appear in your world, so trade with other Heroes!

Fashion VictimPoints: 20
Collect every item of clothing.

He is a Woman. She’s a ManPoints: 5
Wear a full set of clothing intended for the opposite sex.

Dye Hippie, DyePoints: 5
Dye each part of an outfit you are wearing a different color and have long hair.

Hand in HandPoints: 5
Hold hands with someone.

Long Distance RelationshipPoints: 10
Get married to another Xbox LIVE player.

Cross-Dimensional ConceptionPoints: 10
Have a child with another Xbox LIVE player.

Online MergerPoints: 10
Enter into a business partnership with another Xbox LIVE player.

Barrel of LaughsPoints: 10
Kill 30 enemies with explosive barrels.

We Can Be HeroesPoints: 10
Earn 1,000 gold in henchman wages in another Hero’s world.

KaboomPoints: 10
Score 2000 on the Mourning wood Fort mortar game.

Lute Hero TourPoints: 10
Play in each town as a 5 star lute player.

Touched By a HeroPoints: 10
Use touch expressions to interact with 20 different people.

Popularity ContestPoints: 15
Make 20 Friends.

RemodelingPoints: 10
Remodel 5 different houses by changing the furniture.

Magnate PersonalityPoints: 50
Build a property empire worth 2,000,000 gold.

Crime SpreePoints: 10
Get a 15,000 gold bounty placed on your head.

Henry VIIIPoints: 10
As ruler of Albion, get married 6 times and kill 2 of your spouses.

Chest GrandmasterPoints: 40
Unlock all of the chests on the Road to Rule.

Tough LovePoints: 10
Save the maximum amount of Albion citizens.

Adopt or DiePoints: 5
Adopt a child.


The “Crown” unlockable item can be obtained by becoming the ruler of Albion.
The “Royal Shirt” unlockable item can be obtained by winning the support of Bowerstone.
The “Royal Trousers” unlockable item can be obtained by winning the support of the Swift Brigade.
The “Royal Boots” unlockable item can be obtained by winning the support of Dwellers.

Easter Eggs

Tribute to the Legend of Zelda
To find this Easter Egg go to Mourningwood and go to the graveyard there. There will be a tombstone there with words graved on it saying, “It’s dangerous to go out alone. Take this”. Coming close to this tombstone will make your dog to dig the grave and within it, you can find a Toy Sword.

Portal Tribute
To find this Easter Egg you will have to be aware of your surroundings in the Hideout mission in Bowerstone. There a room there with a silver key, when you enter the room look at the far end where there are boxes that connect a way to the other jail cell. Go inside the jail cell to spot a hobbe worshipping the companion cube from a portal and near it, you can see the cake from a portal on a table.

Lionhead Logo
To find the Easter Egg you will have to go to the Driftwood area and swim to the border where swimming is not possible anymore check below in the water to spot the Lionhead Studios logo on the seafloor.

The East Hare Egg
This Easter Egg is a long one but is easy to find. Go to Millfields and go to the graveyard where you will find three graves with names Walter Coen, Jeffrey Coen, and Theodore Coen engraved on them along with how they died.

You should see a statue holding spyglasses and a name engraved on it saying, Theodore Coen. Wait until midnight and start shooting the statue until it glows and you hear the voice of someone dying.

After this go to the gazebo in the middle of the lake and look around the bridge to find, the statue with the name Jeffery Coen engraved on it. Wait until morning, use the fire spell on it, and shoot it until it glows and you hear the voice of someone dying.

After this go to the Demon Door and you will come to another statue with the name Walter Coen engraved on it. Wait until noon and keep striking it with your sword. It will glow and make a dying sound.

After this, you will see a prompt and pulling it will enable an egg to appear in the lake. The egg is named “East Hare Egg” and does nothing. It is only for show.


Do be aware that some of these cheats become unusable after you update the game because the patches fix these glitches/cheats out.

Infinite Gold and Items
This cheat will require two controllers. While playing the game and not being in the sanctuary, press Start on your second controller and then join the game using a profile that is different and not used before.

After that have your main character stand next to the second character, and press the button LB when “Give” appears to be teleported to the “gift” room.

In the gift room, to your right here is a blue coin purse on a pedestal. Give all of your current gold to the second character. Then, exit the sanctuary with the main character.

Press Start on controller two to teleport him to the sanctuary. To the left, next to your dog’s resting place, is a gift shelf. Go towards the gift shelf, and press A to display the second character’s gifts. Then choose the option to reject the gifts.

Press Start on controller two to leave the sanctuary and be teleported back to your main character. When you are near your main character, press down on controller two to leave the game.

Once the second character has left the game, press Start on controller two to rejoin the game. Since the game did not save after you rejected the gifts, they should all be back on the gift shelf. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy Gold
In the second part of the game where you are the King, if you want to earn more gold without doing an evil rule then one option is to buy land from Albion before the last mission on the everyday to-do list. You will make extra money over time, and help lower the Civilian Casualties. Once you become the King, set the rent on houses and the stall vendors to “High”.

Set “Highest” for the prices in the stores that are in the buildings, such as the Blacksmith. Buy a house or sleep at the castle until midnight. If you want to buy a house then try to buy a house next to the Tattoo store in Bowerstone Market. Wake up at midnight, then go to the store that sells potions, and a break-in. The guards will warn you not to be in the store and that they will arrest you.

However, ignore them because of your status you can get away with the crime. You can steal several items from different shops like barber, blacksmith, etc. Sell them to the pawnshop for easy money. Though make sure to do it before morning. This process can be repeated multiple times.

Early Silver Chests
This trick is quite easy but requires you to have a friend who has any or all silver keys. He can then join the game and help you by opening the sliver chests for you and thus you can take all the stuff from them.