Fable Anniversary Gets Modding Support on PC

Lionhead Studios has announced that the PC version of Fable Anniversary will feature modding support.

Speaking with Eurogamer, game producer Craig Oman said that Fable Anniversary on the PC will include a version of the Unreal Engine 3 editor, which will allow users to access all existing assets and play with them as they please.

“This means that anything our artists and animators can do, the mod community will now be able to do,” he said.

However the modding support ends up against a brick wall when it comes to new content such as quests, characters and weapons. This is because of the way the original Fable was created and Fable Anniversary is still an overhauled version of the first.

“But we are working with some of the modding community already as part of our beta testing and we will continue to do what we can to support them post launch,” Oman added.

Fable Anniversary launches tomorrow on September 12 but the modding support and full Steam Workshop integration won’t arrive until later. Oman didn’t comment as to when it will arrive but said to expect it soon.

Fable Anniversary features a new Heroic Mode over the original version, which makes the game even harder and makes it suitable “for advanced players only.” In this mode enemies have an increased line of sight, while players receive reduced damage on ranged weapons and reduced armor levels.

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