Fable 4 Online Features Teased By Xbox Leak

A bit of information about Fable 4 online features has been teased by an Xbox leaker, but there weren't any specifics.

We haven’t gotten very much information about the upcoming new Fable game being developed by Forza developers Playground Games, but a new leak has given us a few hints. Mainly, that even though the game isn’t an MMO, there will still be plenty of Fable 4 online features, including cooperative play.

The Fable game being made by Playground is the continuation of the series after Lionshead Games’s attempt at another Fable game several years ago was shut down by the studio’s closure. While we did get a trailer last summer, there hasn’t been any really new news since then.

The leak that gave us some info on online features comes from reputable leaker Shpeshal Ed, though they didn’t go into specifics. This could, however, signal a return or even expansion to what previous Fable games did in regards to co-op play.

Nearly all of the Fable games have had co-op in one form or another. While the original Fable didn’t have cooperative play, Fable 2 and Fable 3 did. Co-op in those games mainly consisted of the host player setting rules and the two then playing together, which was expanded upon in Fable 3.

Fable 4 online features may even take inspiration from Fable Legends, which was the game that Lionshead was attempting to develop before its closure. That game would have allowed multiplayer co-op with more than two players, so it’s possible that if Playground wants to, we could still have that form of multiplayer in Fable 4.

However, there’s no telling as of yet exactly what kinds of Fable 4 online features will even be included in the game. And until Playground and Microsoft are ready to tell, we likely won’t find out. Summer is coming up though, and hopefully, whether at E3 or some other event this year, we’ll end up learning more about Fable 4 before it comes out. We may even get a release window since we still have no idea of when it launches.

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