F1 Manager 2022 Best Teams to Manage

When starting as a manager in F1 Manager 2022, you have the option to pick from a large number of excellent teams for which you will be working. Choosing from all these beloved names can be difficult, especially since you want to make sure that your favorite team does the best. This guide will help you compare and pick from the best teams to manage in F1 Manager 2022 to start your career with.

F1 Manager 2022 Best Teams to Manage

These teams are not listed in any specific order, and the decision for what team you want to go with is completely left up to you. You can use this guide to compare the best teams that F1 Manager 22 has to offer.


The company has been a childhood dream of almost every child. Of course, Ferrari does put huge goals in front of you to achieve but gets you the best car along with the highest budget to allow you to achieve these goals for Ferrari.

  • Rating – 4.1/5
  • Season Objective – 1st
  • Long term Goal – Constructor’s Champion
  • Car Ranking – 1st
  • Driver Ranking – 3rd
  • Starting Budget – High


Mercedes has been advancing at an astounding pace. The team has excellent facilities, HQ, drivers and a huge budget for you to start with. Ranking in the top, Mercedes is only preceded by two teams in the game.

  • Rating – 5/5
  • Season Objective – 3rd
  • Long term Goal – Constructor’s Champion
  • Car Ranking – 3rd
  • Driver Ranking – 1st
  • Starting Budget – High

Red Bull

Red Bull doesn’t give you wings, it gives you control over one of the best teams and cars in F1 Manager 22. The company is rivaling Ferrari for the top contender and is a worthy opponent. They provide high standards, not only for the goals but also for the facilities.

  • Rating – 4.5/5
  • Season Objective – 1st
  • Long term Goal – Constructor’s Champion
  • Car Ranking – 2nd
  • Driver Ranking – 2nd
  • Starting Budget – High


If you want some challenge, go for McLaren. This team needs some work put in and the car isn’t fast enough. McLaren doesn’t burden you with high goals. As you put work in, you will surely make McLaren one of the top teams as they have potential.

  • Rating – 3.8/5
  • Season Objective – 4th
  • Long term Goal – Constructor’s Champion
  • Car Ranking – 8th
  • Driver Ranking – 5th
  • Starting Budget – Medium

Aston Martin

Once a great name, now hath fallen. Aston martin comes in a bad car and bad crew. The only redeeming factor is that with a good HQ and a huge budget, you have the option to turn the team around with smart decisions. The first season will be a bore, but you can still make it through if you want to challenge yourself.

  • Rating – 2.6/5
  • Season Objective – 8th
  • Long term Goal – Points Contender
  • Car Ranking – 9th
  • Driver Ranking – 7th
  • Starting Budget – High

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