F1 22 Difficulty Settings: How to Change Difficulty

In this guide, we will walk you through how to change difficulty in F1 22 and go over what each difficulty setting means.

Everyone plays games for different reasons. Some play to relax after a long tiring day after work and there can be others who play it to challenge the gamer inside of them. That is why games allow you to set the level of difficulty to suit your needs and in this guide, we will walk you through how to change difficulty in F1 22 and along with that we will also discuss what each of the difficulty settings mean.

How to Change Difficulty in F1 22

There are a few ways by which you can change the difficulty of the game and the easiest way is by using the game’s home menu. You can change the difficulty setting by following the steps below

  • Go to Game Option from Home Menu
  • Inside Game Option go to Settings
  • After going into Settings, go to Assist

You change all of the settings you want from the Assists menu to your liking.

Options in Assist Menu

There are several different options in the Assists menu with each one affecting a different attribute of the car. We shall discuss all of them one by one in detail to tell you what each one means.

Steering Assist: Will automatically turn your car while driving. This is only suggested for beginners.

Braking Assist: Will automatically brake for you when there is a need. This is also suggested only for beginners.

Anti-lock Brakes: ABS is a special kind of brake that stop the wheels from locking when you brake.

Traction Control: Will electronically limit the power to the wheel to stop them from doing a wheel spin. This option can be turned on, or off, and can be set to medium.

Dynamic Racing Line: This will show a guided line that will tell the user where brakes are required and when you can push the throttle.

Pit Assist and Release Assist: provides help during entering and leaving the pit stop.

ERS Assist: Energy Recovery System or ERS is a system that conserves wasteful energy and then use it to boost the car for a short period of time. Can be turned on and off.

You can also alter the speed of AI from within the Settings and that will allow you to choose how challenging the AI drivers in the game will be.

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