How to Race Without ABS in F1 22

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is a technology that we all take benefit from without even realizing it. But for F1 competitors, ABS is a luxury they can never have. If you keep getting your car wheels locked up in F1 22 and are struggling to figure out how to race without ABS, we’re here to help you out with this guide where we’ll be showing you all the tips and tricks you need to know to race without ABS.

What is ABS?

If you’re unfamiliar with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), it’s a technology implemented in all modern cars which is used to prevent cars’ wheels from locking up.

Since F1 is a very competitive, skill-based sport, a technology like ABS would make things too easy for the competitors, which is why it is banned in Formula 1. However, in F1 22, there is still an option to enable ABS. If you have that option turned on, it’s a good idea to disable it so you can participate in the races.

To turn off ABS in F1 22, head to the Home Menu and open up the Game Options. From there, select Settings and then head to “Assists”. The Assists tab contains all of the settings which are related to the assistive technology of your car. You can turn off the Anti-Lock Brakes system or ABS of your car from here.

To turn off ABS, you’ll also need to turn off the Braking Assist option. This option grants your in-game AI permission to assist you in braking.

How to Race Without ABS in F1 22

If you’ve been driving with ABS turned on this whole time, transitioning to driving without ABS will be quite difficult for you.

You’ll have to head into the Time Trial mode and practice for hours to be able to master driving your F1 car without ABS. Make sure to select the circuit which has loads of braking areas. This way you can practice in the most efficient way possible.

Now, when you’re on the track and have a corner coming up, you need to first decide when you’re going to start applying the brakes. This point is known as the Braking Point.

To get familiar with the concept of Braking Points, enable the Racing Line Assist option.

Once you reach the Braking Point, you have to hit the brakes hard. But as you continue going down the corner, you have to slowly take your foot off the brake pedal.

How slowly you take your foot off the brakes is an extremely important technique you need to learn as this is where the wheel lock-ups happen. If you keep the brakes pressed for too long, you’ll lose tire grip and will inevitably lock up.

If you keep locking up no matter what you do, try decreasing the brake pressure in your car’s setup. Brake pressure directly correlates with your car’s chances of locking up. But if you decrease the brake pressure too much, your brakes will become very weak.

When you’re locking up, take note of which tires are doing so. If the front tires are the ones that lock up, you can set the brake bias more towards the rear tires.

Weather conditions also have a big impact on the chances of your tires locking up. So make sure to setup your car according to the weather conditions to avoid getting your wheels locked up repeatedly.