F1 2021 Podium Pass Guide

We’ll be talking about the Podium Pass in F1 2021, which is a returning feature from last year’s title. We will be explaining how the Podium Pass functions, what kind of challenges you need to complete to level it up, and the rewards that await you once you gain enough XP.

F1 2021 Podium Pass

The Podium Pass was originally introduced in F1 2020 and returns in F1 2021. It is just like any other season pass in any other game, with a set number of tiers and rewards.

This guide aims to help you quickly understand how the podium pass works and what kind of benefits it offers. We will now be diving into all of its nitty-gritty details, starting with the basic details.

How to Access the Podium Pass

The Podium Pass offers you different cosmetic items and in-game rewards upon completion of different challenges and gaining enough XP. It has a total of 30 Tiers, and once you climb all 30 Tiers, you have 5 Prestige Tiers as well.

You can check your progress under the Podium Pass tab in your profile by either pressing the Left Stick on the main menu or by going into the item shop and clicking on the podium pass card there.

Challenges in the Podium Pass

There are special challenges you can complete to level up your podium pass. These include standard, weeklies, and series challenges. Standard challenges are the easiest, while weekly and series challenges take longer to complete and have more specific requirements. Series Challenges last for 57 Days.

These challenges will have you do time trials at particular race tracks and other fun shenanigans in the game. Some of them are easy, and some are difficult. But the more difficult the challenge, the more XP you’ll gain from it. You can view your set of challenges in the Podium Pass under the challenges tab.

The Rewards

F1 2021 offers visual items such as skins and liveries for your car, helmets, suits, and gloves. You can also get new emotes to show off at the podium, and the game allows you to customize how you walk towards the podium as well.

You can also unlock different “Victory Radio Calls” lets your opponents hear it over the radio as well. The Podium Pass rewards offer Pitcoins as well. Pitcoin is the in-game currency of F1 2021 that allows you to buy different items from the store and the VIP Podium Pass as well.

VIP Podium Pass

The paid track of the podium pass is called the “VIP Podium Pass”. You can check out the rewards it offers under the podium pass menu. It costs 11,000 Pitcoins. These Pitcoins can be earned back if you complete the whole season pass and unlock all of the rewards. And then, you can buy the next pass from the earned Pitcoins.

But if you are not able to complete the season pass before the series ends, then you’ll have to buy 11,000 Pitcoins that cost roughly around 8.50$.

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