F1 2021 MyTeam Guide

The MyTeam game mode is back with the release of F1 2021. Thanks to this mode, you can now play your career as an F1 driver to its full potential, season after season. To help you on your way with some useful tips and tricks on your road to glory, we are here with our F1 2021 MyTeam guide.

F1 2021 MyTeam

F1 2021 puts you right back in the driver’s seat with the MyTeam mode of this ultrarealistic racing simulation game. Here are a few pointers to get you started in MyTeam in F1 2021.


You will be selecting the sponsors later, so first, we will focus on the appearance of your driver, attire, and car. Players can also create a team badge or a logo on their own. So, we have many options when it comes to customization.

You should never select EDSA avenue for racing, as you will find heavy traffic.

Sponsors and Team Acclaim

Now, coming to the sponsors, we will be guiding you about the details of what the sponsors offer you when you hire them. They mainly offer weekly income, a goal bonus, and a signing bonus. The following table mentions the details of what the various sponsors offer.

Sponsors Signing Bonus Goal Bonus Weekly Income
X- forming $4200,000 $1.68m, on completing a full season $280,000
RGB $4400,000 $2.24m, on finishing 10th or above in Constructor’s Championship $268,800
Xenon Dynamics $4500,000 $4.03m, on earning 15 points in Constructor’s Championship $268,800
Echo $4600,000 $3.92m, on achieving two points finishes as a team during the season $263,200

So, looking at the above-mentioned details, you should now have a good idea about which sponsor will be the most suitable for you. While choosing a sponsor, the players should focus on which goal they can achieve the most easily, so they can earn the bonus that the sponsors offer.

If you are playing a shorter season, the best option to go for is Xenon Dynamics. Thus the players can decide the sponsor by considering their capabilities and analyzing which goal they can achieve.

Now moving forward to the team’s acclaim, we will guide you about the factors that you should consider before you aim to increase the team’s acclaim. Some of these factors are race finishes, qualifying positions, individual acclaim, interview answers, and calendar activities.

At levels 5, 10, 15, and 25, you can unlock an additional sponsor. You can check the sponsors by clicking on the Corporate-Sponsors tab.

They also offer the bonus based on weekly goals, and for the weekly goals, they all have different demands that you need to meet. Here are some of the demands that they usually make.

  • No DNF results for both drivers.
  • Participate in a particular role position or better.
  • Disqualify your rival.
  • Complete all the practice programs.
  • Complete several laps during practice.
  • Have the fastest lap in a race

The best option is to go for the sponsors that demand you to collect Constructor’s Championship points, as this is a less time-consuming goal.


The next thing to discuss is the engine. The expenses for this are deducted from the signing bonus given to you by the main sponsor. The options available are listed below.

  • Mercedes
  • Honda
  • Renault
  • Ferrari

I suggest you should go for Mercedes, as it has better performance and statistics. Honda can be a good option as well.

Second Driver

You can also select a second driver, which is basically a teammate for your MyTeam organization. These are the formula two racers, so they do not have as good stats as formula one racers. The players should see the following stats before they select a second driver.

  • Individual acclaim
  • Overall rating
  • Experience – These are the additional resource points that you can gain by completing R&D projects.
  • Racecraft – You will get to know about overtaking capabilities of the second driver.
  • Awareness – Determines how fast they react and how much tighter their control is.
  • Pace – Determines general speed.
  • Focus – This determines how happy the drivers are with the situation and their determination to get the prize.

Here the players should focus on the training of their teammate. They must consider Experience and focus stats, as experience stat offer more R&D points while the focus stat will let the players determine how much potential their teammate can utilize that they have.

At the end of the season, one can replace the teammate by signing new drivers. To do so, the players simply need to visit the Corporate-Driver market tab. Now, you can select any teammate that you consider appropriate for yourself after checking the stats mentioned above.

Press Interviews

Press interviews will surely affect the overall growth of the departments. Players should make sure that they do not give answers which make them look arrogant.

Character’s Perks

In this section we will be talking about the perks that you can get for your character. Simply head to Corporate/Contracts/Driver Perks and here four different options will be visible to you.

  • Social Media Team- Increases generation of individual acclaim.
  • Power Mapping- Reduces the Engine wear.
  • Media coaching- Gives you some more and better answers to the interview questions.
  • Development Feedback- Increases the generation of resource points.

MyTeam Tips

Now, we will be giving you some more vital tips that can help you improve. Firstly, the players should upgrade drag reduction, chassis weight reduction, and engine power to match with the latest AI.

Also, the players can try upgrading the tire wear on the chassis side, as they affect the way the cars react and how the tires interact with the road. The players must take part in practice mini games for more R&D boosters whilst saving time.

The next thing you can try is to upgrade HQ facility to avoid bottlenecks, and for this, make sure you have more money. To do so, upgrade marketing early and focus on acclaim levels so that you can earn more money, thus spending more on HQ facilities.

One can get help in the form of soldiers’ custom settings, as they help you improve the acclaim rates and how your team is going to perform overall. While selecting a teammate, consider to fight, upgrade, and maximize the personnel HQ to boost the rating.

We hope that you find this article helpful while trying this MyTeam mode, and get all the possible benefits while playing the game.

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