F1 2020 Game Tips

In F1 2020, you will be driving the world’s most complex cars and that may be very intimidating for the first-timers. In racing simulation games, there is very little room for mistakes. So for you, we have all the tips for you to start off your journey in this F1 2020 Game Tips guide.

F1 2020 Game Tips

Choose your Race Style
In F1 2020, a new setting has been introduced which allows you to choose what race style you want to play with. You can choose either Casual style or Standard style.

In Casual style, the rules will not be much strict and you will access to many different vehicles assists.

In Casual mode, off-track surfaces such as grass and gravel become easier to drive over if you run off the track. The game will also automatically reset your wayward car to the circuit.

These assists will allow new players to get a grip of different tracks and braking points without worrying too much.

On the other hand, in the standard race style, the off-track surfaces will become realistically challenging. You can still tweak with other assists in this mode.

Tweak with the Assists
In F1 2020, you will have complete control on what assists you want and which you want to turn off. Before starting a race, you can head on to the assists tab to tweak the different available assists.

If you are new to F1 games, you will want to keep most of them turned on in the beginning and then gradually lose them one by one as you become more accustomed to the game.

Use Flashbacks
In F1 games, you have an option to turn back time to a specific point if you make a mistake during the race or your hotlap. Using flashbacks, you can return to a previous state by rewinding time. But beware of overusing this system, as doing so repeatedly will cause you to not learn from your mistakes.

Start from Low driver level
As each year AI driving level is improved, so it is important to start off from a low AI Driver Level setting. You can tweak AI Driver Level from the weekend structure tab.

After a few races, if you feel that it is too easy and want a greater challenge, then increase the level a few points until you feel competitive with the AI.

Tweak your Car Setup for each track
As you race around the different tracks, each of them having a different layout than the other, it is important to set your car up to the best you can. Check out our Car Setup guide for more information on how to tweak your car!

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