F1 2018 Audio Stuttering, Errors And Fixes

F1 2018 has made its way to PC and current-gen consoles, however, the PC version in particular is experiencing some issues like “D3D DEVICE HAS BEEN REMOVED”, game not launching and more. Here we will discuss all of F1 2018 errors and issues and will also provide you with possible fixes and workarounds so that you can play the game without any problem.

F1 2018 Audio Stuttering, Errors And Fixes

F1 2018 is the latest entry in the long-running F1 franchise from developer Codemasters. F1 2018 not only brings technical and visuals improvement but new locations and vehicles to drive.

The following are the errors and issues that players have been experiencing with the game along with their fixes and workarounds so that you can play the game without any problem.

Things to Check Before Starting the Game

Well to avoid most of the problems you are advised to check these things before starting to play the game. First of all, you have to make sure that the drivers on your system are updated to the latest version. Make sure OS is updated to the latest version and all things are working properly.

In case you are using both discrete and integrated GPU’s switch to discrete GPU. Open the task manager and set the priority of the game to High. Hibernate the programs running in the background for a smooth experience.

Once you have made sure of these things, you can launch the game. You can set the visual settings to low for improving the performance of the game and avoiding performance glitches. Some issues should be solved already but if not, check the solutions given below

Game Not Launching

This is one of the issues that PC games have been experiencing while trying to play F1 2018. Here are a few fixes that might work for you.

One of the reasons why the game isn’t launching could be your anti-virus program blocking the game’s exe file from executing. Either disable the antivirus or make an exception for the game’s exe file in your antivirus program.

Another reason for the game to not launch could be that the exe file requires administrative rights. To do this, go the game’s folder and right-click the game’s exe file.

Then click properties and go to the “Compatibility” tab and check “Run this program as an administrator” and hit apply. Now run the game and the issue should resolve.

Black Screen Fix

Black Screen is quite a common issue for PC games, however, it is hardly a critical one. The solution to this problem is simple and easy.

Just launch the game and when the black screen appears press “Alt + Enter” and the game will go into windowed mode and the game display will return to normal.

Now go to the video settings and change the game’s resolution to your monitor’s native resolution and you will be able to play the game in fullscreen.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue then the problem might be with your GPU drivers. Update them and if they are updated then try installing a previous version of the GPU driver which might resolve your issue.


This is an F1 2018 error that players are quite frustrated about. However, one of the reasons for this error to pop up might be your GPU.

This error pops up when you are playing the game with an Overclocked GPU which causes it to crash and display the error “D3D DEVICE HAS BEEN REMOVED”.

To resolve this issue, reverse the overclocking on your GPU and play the game at stock clock speed for your GPU and the issue should resolve.

Also, if you haven’t overclocked your GPU and are still getting the same error then it could be because of two reasons.

  1. Incompatible GPU driver.
  2. GPU isn’t able to play the game at its stock clock speed

If the GPU driver is incompatible then update the GPU drivers if you haven’t already or try a different version of the GPU driver.

If GPU driver isn’t the problem then you will need to lower the GPU clock speed in order to play the game. This should resolve your problem with the game.

Audio Issues, Audio Stuttering

Players have also reported that they are facing audio issue with F1 2018. Some players have reported that while the game runs at 60 FPS but the audio stutters throughout the game.

The fix for audio stuttering is simple. Open Playback devices through Sounds and select your default audio device and click properties. Go to the “Advanced” tab and here there will be multiple options in the list. You will have to do a bit of trial and error with each option.

Another audio issue that players have reported is that the surround sound isn’t working properly as the game is missing audio at a certain angle.

The issue might be with the wrong audio channel being set for your headphone or speakers. Open Playback devices and select your default audio device and press configure on the bottom left.

Select the right channel for your audio device and press next. Once you are done with this, the audio issue should be fixed for your Surround headphones or speaker issues.

Missing “.Dll” File Fix, MSVCP120.dll Is Missing

Missing “.dll” files is quite common for PC games, however, this error is nothing to worry about and the solution is very simple.

ll you have to do is install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 and the issue should never bother you again.

You can also download the “.dll” file manually from the internet, however, we don’t recommend it as it can potentially put your system at risk. If you still want to go with it then just download e file and paste it in the game’s folder. This should allow you to play the game.

FPS Drop, Stuttering Fix

With so many PC configurations out there, there are bound to be systems that will face performance issues while playing F1 2018. Here are a few things that you can do to improve the game’s performance on PC.

Make sure you are using the latest drivers for your GPU as they rig game-specific optimizations along with other features.

Make sure there is no background process is running that is using too much of your CPU, RAM, and HDD. If there is such a program then end it to improve game’s performance.

There is another thing you can try to improve F1 2018 performance on your PC but it will work for Nvidia GPU users only and those who own a GTX 10 series GPU.

Open Nvidia Control Panel and select “Manage 3D settings” and then select “Program Settings”. Select the game from the list and go through the options looking for V-sync. Set V-sync to “Fast” and hit apply.

However, this might work or might not as the GPU will require significant CPU headroom in order to be utilized after setting V-sync to Fast.

That is all for our F1 2018 errors along with their possible fixes and workarounds. Did we miss anything or you have a better solution to a problem? Let us know in the comments below.

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