F1 2017 Sochi Setup Guide – Aero, Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Weight

The fourth track of this year’s F1 is a little different from the previous two as it features aggressive turns and overtaking opportunities as opposed to long straights seen in Bahrain and China. This means that cars other than Mercedes and Ferrari can actually be viable here – except the godforsaken McLaren Honda of course. This F1 2017 Sochi Setup Guide will nail your setup for this track to make sure you have the required traction to attack the turns and overtake opponents in your races.

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F1 2017 Sochi Setup Guide

F1 2017 Sochi Setup – Aero, Transmission and Suspension

The wings favor the front side this time due to the acceleration required in a track like this. Set the front wing aero to 6 while the rear wing aero stays at 5. Transmission of 50-70 is sort of like a global setting by now and that is what should be used across the board as it provides the best traction for your vehicle.

With a little more testing people have also been able to find the transmission geometry and transmission which is optimal for a large part of the tracks in the season. The default values for the front and rear camber are fine along with 0.09 for the front toe and 0.29 for the rear toe. The Front Suspension and the Front Anti-Roll Bar should both be at 7 while the Rear Suspension is at 2 and the Rear Anti-Roll Bar is at 4. Like the last race, stability is really important so Ride Height settings should be 5 for both.

F1 2017 Sochi Setup – Brakes, Tyres and Weight

The brakes are not required to be as hard as they were on the previous two tracks as there aren’t a lot of straights in which you will be hitting your top speed here. However, there still is a need for being able to turn really sharp so use 80 percent brake pressure while having the same 56 percent Front Brake Bias.

The tire pressure is your own choice as always so let us know what pressure you use in the comments below. The Ballast is fine at 7 since you need more weight towards the rear so as to not spin off while hitting the sharp corners and keeping the car stable through all the various shenanigans that cars have to perform on this track.

That is it for our F1 2017 Sochi Setup Guide. Let us know if we missed something in the comments below!

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