F1 2017 Melbourne Setup Guide – Aero, Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Weight

This F1 2017 Melbourne Setup Guide ensures you have the perfect car set up for the race whether it is the multiplayer or single-player. Melbourne is the first race of the calendar year in Formula 1 so pretty much everyone will have played this track at one point or the other.

F1 can be a really complicated game due to the plethora of customization options available for you to choose from. Apart from that, each track is different so the settings need to be different for each track to compensate for its various nuances.

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F1 2017 Melbourne Setup

F1 2017 Melbourne Setup – Aero, Transmission and Suspension

For the Aerodynamics while qualifying or hot lapping, 7 for the front wing and 6 for the rear wing is perfect so you can attack the corners well and also have a good top speed. 7-7 is another configuration that works especially well during races for the extra agility to outmaneuver your opponents – especially during multiplayer as almost every other player is an idiot, right?

For the Transmission, 50 percent for the Adjustment On Throttle and 70 percent on the Adjustment Off Throttle is really good for traction and that is what works best for Melbourne. You should keep the first 2 settings the same in Suspension Geometry because of The stability they offer but change the front toe to 0.09 and rear toe to 0.29 as they provide the best traction for this track.

For Suspension, the best setup for a balanced traction and top speed is a 7 Front Suspension, 2 Rear Suspension, 7 Front Anti-Roll Bar, 4 Rear Anti-Roll Bar, 5 Front Ride Height and 5 Rear Ride Height.

F1 2017 Melbourne Setup – Brakes, Tyres and Weight

For the brakes, you need a bias towards the rear as this track has a lot of sharp turns in the forms of hairpins and chicanes in which hitting the apex is almost compulsory. 56 percent for the Front Brake Bias works best while the Break Pressure should be 82 percent for that extra fast speed reduction.

The Tyre pressures are your personal preference and you can use whatever you wish or just leave it at default. The Weight distribution is perfect at 7 for this game as you can turn fast but not too fast so as to slide off the track.

As you know the entire setting is based on the premise that Melbourne has a lot of turns so high amount of traction is mandatory and shifting weight towards the rear not only provides that but also prevents your wheels from locking up during the race.

That is it for our F1 2017 Melbourne Setup Guide, let us know if you have something to add in the comments section below!

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