F1 2017 Bahrain Setup Guide – Aero, Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Weight

Bahrain is the third race in the F1 Calendar with a lot of straights, 2 DRS zones and a plethora of sharp turns. This F1 2017 Bahrain Setup Guide will tell you the best setup to have heading into the race so as to compensate for the intricacies of the track. You will need to go over a lot of curbs and will have to hit the apexes perfectly throughout the lap if you want to do well so this setup is built around you being able to turn sharply and have a decent top speed to go with it.

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F1 2017 Bahrain Setup Guide

In our F1 2017 Bahrain Setup Guide, we have discussed the best setup that you can use to perfect the game’s hotlaps.

F1 2017 Bahrain Setup – Aero, Transmission and Suspension

Since there are a lot of similarities between China and Bahrain so we keep the same Aerodynamics by having both the front and the rear wing at 4. The transmission is also unchanged from the previous setups at 50 percent and 70 percent as these 2 settings seem to be the most optimal for most tracks.

The suspension geometry is also consistent with the previous track because of the aforementioned reason so use default values for the Front and Rear Camber along with 0.09 for the Front Toe and 0.29 for the Rear Toe. Use 7 for the Front Suspension and 2 for the Rear Suspension. 7 also works for the Front Anti-Roll Bar and 4 is perfect for the Rear Anti-Roll Bar. Prioritize stability by having the Front and the Rear Ride Height both set to 5.

F1 2017 Bahrain Setup – Brakes, Tyres and Weight

Since the track has long straights and sharp turns at the end of it, 82 percent brake power is really good as it allows you to brake well heading into the corners where as a rear brake bias works better so you can hit the apexes with better accuracy. Use 56 percent for the Front Brake Bias. As always, the tire pressure is a personal preference so play around with the setting in practice mode and find the one which suits you best.

As I mentioned in the last paragraph, you need more emphasis on the rear side of your vehicle to help you make those sharp turns correctly. For this reason, the Ballast should be at 7 so the weight distribution works in your favor.

That is it for our Bahrain F1 Setup Guide. Keep an eye out for our other Setup Guides so you can own every track and nail those hotlaps!

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