F1 2015 Errors, Crashes, Bugs, Performance, Low FPS, and Fixes

Codemasters’ latest racing simulator, F1 2015 had an unsteady launch with a number of PC players reporting frequent crashes, a lack of SLI support, resolution errors, and FPS drops.

Despite a day-1 patch and another patch released after a week; PC community still seemed to struggle to get a decent gameplay experience.

While some of these issues require more than a single patch, some can be fixed with some basic workarounds. This guide covers most commonly reported F1 2015 errors and workarounds to fix these issues:

#1 – Black Screen Fix
If you are experiencing black screen after you start F1 2015, you should try reducing refresh rate of your screen. You can also try running the game in windowed mode to resolve the issue.

If you are able to start the game normally in windowed mode then try reducing the resolution first before going to full screen.

#2 – Can’t Install the Game due to Server Busy
That’s not an issue specifically related to the game. Either restart Steam, or try changing your server. The speed should change after a while.

#3 – Game Crashes to Desktop
There are a few things you can try to resolve the issue:

  • First thing you need to make sure is that you are running latest GPU drivers
  • You should make sure that you have updated your game to the latest version
  • Try running the game as admin
  • If you have any third party programs running in the background, exit them

#4 – Error 41
Many users Reported about Error 41 around the launch of the game. The two patches have been released already and the problem should have been addressed by now but if it isn’t, you need to disconnect your wheel and try running the game again.

Also make sure that you aren’t running any third party applications in the background.

#5 – Controller Issue
Download the latest update and verify the game files, this should solve the issue you are facing related to controller.

#6 – FPS and Performance Issue
After the recent patch, a lot of users have complained about the drop in performance and FPS. I believe that they will be fixing the issue with the future patches.

However, if you haven’t installed the patch and still facing the performance issues, you should make sure that you are using the latest version of drivers.

#7 – The Game Does not start After the Patch
Just verify your cache and restart Steam, the game should work fine again.

#8 – Flickering Issue
If you are using the latest version of GPU drivers and still experiencing flickering issues, you disable your crossfire/SLI. The game is already facing a lot of issues so for the time being, using the single card is the best option you have.

If you are facing any other issue with F1 2015 or have a fix of your own, share with us in the comments below.

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