F1 2014 Errors, Save Fix, Bugs, Crashes and Fixes

F1 2014
When it comes to Codemasters and its racing titles for PC, the association doesn’t seem too friendly as with every new title, there are at least one or two things that caused problems in the previous games still found prevalent in the latest iteration.

F1 series falls into that category. However, I will have to say that if you can ignore those issues, the game is looking solid overall and many out there are relishing F1 2014 without any problem.

You need not to worry though, as you can also get your game running by trying following fixes for the game. We hope that official fixes will also be rolled out down the road by the developer.

#1 F1 2014 Can’t Change Gearbox Ratio
As per FIA rules, teams can’t change the gearbox ratio whenever they want in season 2014. Since the rule has been defined, it’s also absent in the game so it’s not a bug but a rule you will have to deal with.

#2 F1 2014 Controller Pulling to Left
If your controller is pulling in one direction while you are not moving the stick, you should try turning off the steering assist. If you are using a keyboard, try disconnecting your controller.

#3 F1 2014 Doesn’t Start in Full Screen
There are some games that might not start in full screen like F1 2014. If that’s the case with you, try pressing Alt+Enter.

#4 F1 2014 Game Save Fix
In previous games, a lot of users faced the issue of game not saving properly. Although, the issue is not as abundant in F1 2014 but there are still some cases being reported.

If you too are having save issue in F1 2014, try disabling cloud sync via Steam, and it should save normally and hopefully, your progress won’t reset every time you start the game.

#5 F1 2014 Game Does Not Start, Error 55
Although there is no specific reason for Error 55 to appear, but there are a few things you can try to fix it:

First, copy your Steamapps folder to some other location. Now, uninstall Steam and do a fresh install.
Copy the old SteamApps folder back and try running the game again.
If that doesn’t work, try installing Steam in the same partition as your windows as some users have reported that it fixed the issue for them.

#6 F1 2014 File Size is Only 98mb and Missing Executable
In case of missing executable, you need to delete appcache folder and re-download the application. You can read more about it here. Also, don’t forget to verify the cache of your game files.

#7 F1 2014 xinput1_3.dll is Missing Error
If you are experiencing this error, you need to re-install your DirectX. Once you are done with the installation, make sure that you restart your PC before running the game again.

It goes without saying that you should have the latest drivers installed to run the game properly.

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