F1 2010 (PC):Introduces Realtime World of Racing

World’s fastest and most advanced cars are back and this time, they are faster and gorgeous than ever. Codemasters have seemingly developed another milestone in racing after Grid and Dirt 2.

F1 2010 uses EGO technology, the same technology they used for Grid. So you can expect it’s graphics to be flashy and smooth. Apart from that, they are many other new things that you would definitely like to know. So, Read!

Codemasters have done a nice job this time around in securing almost all the licenses. So everything is real-time, the cars, the drivers, the tracks, and the Pit crew. Obviously they must have spent pretty handsome amount for this purpose which also be a factor responsible for the long delay in the series.

Driver’s Life\Carrier
A complete detailed carrier mode has been introduced in the game. You will interact with people, sign contracts and deal with all the off-field issues F1 driver has to face. Carriers will be of variable length  3, 5 or 7 years. You can also choose the difficulty for your carrier depending upon the fact, how skillfully you are handling F1 car.

Your goals will vary with the team. If you are a Ferrari driver then you can’t think of anything other than winning.You achieve your goals, you keep on gaining but if you struggle, it can lead to various problems like contract cancellation. So it’s not only racing but a complete social life with social variables dictating.

Press/Media Introduction
You will have to be diplomatic as your interviews with the press and media will affect your carrier and team. It’s similar to any other sporting games. So keep your cool and answer carefully so that you may not make your fans or team furious.

Car Control and Handling
Since realism is the basic purpose of the game, the controls are more realistic than arcade and you may have a hard time to get use to steering and balancing of a car. Each car will have its own nature, grip, handling and balance. You can make minor adjustments for your own convenience. Small variables like track temperature and tire temperature will affect the driving experience and handling.

Whether Effects
Racing has been made weather sensitive. You can’t use Hard or Soft tires when it is raining. When it starts raining, tires will start loosing grip slowly. Some areas of the track will be slippery soon while others can take time. Similarly, hot and humid environments will have some other priorities.

Grid’s graphics were admired a lot. Since same technology has been used in this game, we can expect some stunning and eye catching scenes and surroundings. Cars detail level has been improved and character detail doesn’t look bad at all.

Overall F1 2010 might be the best of all. We will have to wait and see when the game releases this week.

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