Completely Explosion-Proof Lithium Battery Developed, 2 Times Powerful

A lot of advancement has been made when it comes to smartphones but a major issue that these devices have is that the battery dies quickly and there is no other way of getting more batterylife than cramming in a bigger battery, which adds weight and bulk to the smartphone.

Companies are trying to make phones slimmer and in the process we are limited to the battery size that we are getting in smartphone these days. The iPhone is a great example of such a smartphone but here is an explosion-proof Lithium battery that seems to do the trick.

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With phones exploding everywhere and faulty batteries being the cause of the chaos there is reason for causion and this is where this explosion-proof Lithium battery comes into play. This battery has been developed by Mike Zimmerman, a professor at Tufts University and founder of Ionic Materials.

The problem with Lithium ion batteries is that their life degrades with time this means that as you charge and recharge your smartphone, the battery will last less longer each time. In conventional batteries there is a flamable fluid that acts as an electrolyte but in this explosion-proof Lithium battery, the fluid is swapped for a plastic film. This means that it will not catch fire and hence not endanger the user or people around the user.

You can put it on fire, put a hole through it, cut it, damage it. Do whatever you want the battery will not catch fire and hence will not be a hazard. But that is not the only thing great about this explosion-proof Lithium battery. It can also store double the amount of charge which means that if you can put them in smarphones they will last longer before you have to charge your device.

What do you think about the explosion-proof Lithium battery?

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