Exploration Game Lifeless Planet Out On Early Access

Explorative PC adventure Lifeless Planet is now on Early Access through Steam. In January, the indie developer mentioned the arrival during a graphical update.

In preparation of the early launch, the game already received a glistening character model polish and SSAO filtering. With the latter, textures seem more connected to each other through the use of obscuring shading.

In the early build of Lifeless Planet, six of the total 20 environments will be accessible with “97%” of the content, not including fixes. It will be some time before the full release arrives though, as the page states:

I expect we’ll be in Early Access for at least 10 weeks before final release. Right now, the game is between alpha and beta.

In Lifeless Planet, players embark on a space odyssey on a faraway planet. There, they discover a desolate Russian town, hinting at people colonizing the planet ages ago.

During travels, a Russian woman named Aelita will appear, who has the ability to turn the deserted soil green underneath her feet. These footsteps serve as a guide throughout the strange world.

Lifeless Planet is inspired by old adventure stories, where the player is left to their own devices. Exploration is key to understanding what goes on in the environment.

Some updates still pending for the game include localized languages, Mac support and subtitles. As an Early Access title, Lifeless Planet receives a 25% discount and costs €12.99.

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