Guerrilla Games Explains Why Horizon Zero Dawn Has To Be An RPG

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games scheduled to launch for PS4. While it is hugely anticipated, it also an unlikely one as Guerrilla Games is knows for its Killzone franchise. Now the developers has explained why they decided to develop an RPG.

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Speaking with Gameinformer, Mathis de Jonge, director of Horizon Zero Dawn, said that the developers did wanted to make the game open world but did not intended to develop a RPG from the start but it happened organically during the course of the development.

We’ve been working at this concept from a development point of view- what works well for this game? What works for this concept? And then we’ve added these features. We haven’t said from the start that this will be an RPG, and it needs to have these features- it never happened like that. It was always decided that we would move from the conceptual point of view, an [go by] what works best for the game.

To further explain his point, he said that when player shoot any machine or enemy they see some numbers that give us an idea about how much damage a player has dealt to the machine. He said that this is not an RPG system but was basically a feedback system required to show players how much damage they are dealing.

Recently, the developers also revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn RPG elements will not be deep, which makes sense given that the game was not developed as an RPG.

While Horizon Zero Dawn is a change of direction for the studio, but it is also the biggest game for the developers. According to studio boss Hermen Hulst, the game is four times more complex and bigger than any other Killzone game.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to launch on February 28, 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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