Expect The Last of Us 2 Gameplay At E3 2018: Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog was the center of attention and the attraction at The Last of Us 2 PlayStation Experience 2017 Panel. The developers managed to keep most of the information under the radar but Naughty Dog was able to confirm some compelling information regarding The Last of Us: Part II.

Unfortunately, there was a hint (emphasis on the word hint) that The Last of Us 2 will release in 2019 and not 2018 as was being expected by many of the fans. We can break down Naughty Dog’s input into four parts so let’s dive into it straight away.

First of all, Naughty Dog revealed the setting of the game, it is Seattle. Secondly, Neil Druckman was able to confirm that about 50-60% of the story is complete and that the game is currently going through the most difficult and hardest phases of development as almost all personnel at the studio are involved in one or another piece of The Last of Us: Part II.

These pieces need to eventually come together efficiently and most importantly, the end result should be a representation of the developers’ vision. Neil Druckmann also added that the game is “big” to say the least.

Thirdly, information regarding the latest characters was shared. Yara and Lev introduced through the release of the second trailer of The Last of Us 2 at Paris Games Week 2017 are siblings. The developer panel informed that Yara aged 16 and Lev 13 are part of a cult of sorts.

Finally, the head of the panel stated that she had in fact seen some part of The Last of Us 2 gameplay and it has blown her mind! When asked when the public is going to get to see The Last of Us 2 gameplay, Druckmann promptly replied, “At E3 2018.”

Contributor at SegmentNext.