Sony Reveals Plans For Exclusive First-Party Games, New IPs And Much More

Yesterday was the Sony IR Event as well as its Corporate Strategy Meeting that took place in Tokyo, Japan. The executives of the company had quite a lot of interesting stuff to share about the company’s upcoming plans for the PlayStation business. On a shorter note, Sony has plans for exclusive First Party games, new IPs and have also shown interest in strengthening the existing ones.

The President and the CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida talked about the mid-term corporate strategy for the next three years, which means until March 31st, 2021. Regarding the PlayStation and PlayStation Network, the company plans to stay connected with both the users and the developers with PS4 as the core of the business.

According to Yoshida, the basic strategy of the company is to excel further and that they cannot do without the further expansion of PlayStation Network. Which has apparently become one of the world’s leading network service, with over one trillion yen in annual sales. Apart from that, it has over eighty million monthly active users.

Furthermore, Sony aims to grow the subscriber base of PlayStation Plus as well as, plans to increase user engagement for the PlayStation Network.

The PlayStation house aims to strengthen its IP portfolio by creating new IPs and utilizing the existing IPs for its first-party games. Adding to these growth opportunities, the company also has plans to include additional content for games.

That said, Kenichiro Yoshida also revealed that PlayStation 4 has entered the final stage of its life cycle. Which does imply that perhaps the next-gen console PS5 just may be closer than we actually anticipate it to be.

The more exclusive game will also be coming as the company aims to enrich and utilize its exclusive titles portfolio.

Having said that, this Sony IR Event has proved to be very informative and has induced hope for the fans. Giving everyone a lot of clarity regarding what to expect and what not to expect.

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