Evolve Trapper Class Strategy Guide – Griffin, Abe, Maggie

In Evolve, the Hunters can choose from a total of four Classes/Roles: Assault, Medic, Trapper, and Support.

Each of these Classes/Roles contains three Hunters, each with his or her unique arsenal and abilities. This article’s solely dedicated to Trapper, detailing everything that you ought to know about playing this class.

Evolve Trapper Class Strategy

When we talk about Trapper, the primary role of this class is to trap the Monster and pin it down, allowing Assault to dish out damage.

Although this class lacks when it comes to serious firepower, each Hunter contains a special ability which is extremely helpful when it comes to locating and pinning down the Monster.

In addition to this, every Hunter belonging to Trapper also possess a specialized device to slow down the Monster which, according to me, is more important than the Primary Weapon and should be used frequently.

Class Ability – Mobile Arena

Cooldown Time: 60 seconds
Duration: 60 seconds
Radius: 50 Meters

Like I’ve mentioned above, the primary objective of Trapper is to locate and pin down the Monster. This feat’s accomplished by the Class Ability called Mobile Arena. When deployed, Mobile Arena traps every Monster within its radius.

The Hunters are free to enter at will, but no creature can go out as long as it remains active. Mobile Arena is indeed a strong ability, but it’s extremely crucial to deploy it with strict timing. The reason for this is its lengthy cooldown time (60 seconds).

If missed, you won’t be able to trap a Monster for one whole minute which is quite a long duration in Evolve. Once you’re inside the arena, it’s extremely important to always stay on the move and don’t try to take on the Monster head-on.

For the most efficient results, try teaming up with Bucket and utilize his UAV ability to keep track of the Monster and decide when to deploy the Mobile Arena. The location where the Mobile Arena is deployed is also very significant.

If not careful, you can give the Monster a huge advantage by merely placing the arena in a wrong place. Last but not the least, if you manage to trap the Monster alone, there is no need to head inside and wait up for your teammates.

If by any means the Trapper dies, the Mobile Arena also comes down.


This Hunter is unlocked by default and is available from the start. For information regarding her Character Mastery and Mastery Unlocks, check our Evolve Character Mastery Guide.

Loadout: Machine Pistol, Harpoon Traps, Pet Trapjaw, Mobile Arena

Maggie is equipped with state-of-the-art deadly arsenal. She can dish out some serious damage using her Machine Pistol and use Harpoon Traps to stop the Monster in its tracks. In addition to this, Pet Trapjaw can not only sniff out and locate the Monster, but can also revive the other Hunters.

Machine Pistol
I’d advise against relying on this weapon too much. For one, it packs a horrible sway; especially when you keep holding down the trigger button. Whenever you’re forced to use it, always make sure to fire in small bursts to keep the recoil under control.

Aside from its high recoil rate, the weapon is pretty good; especially when it comes to its damage output.

In case you get Val or Lazarus in your team, make sure to utilize their abilities to identify the weak spots on the Monster and aim for those. However, your primary concern should be lying the Harpoon Traps.

Harpoon Traps
Harpoon Traps pin the Monster in its location until it destroys them. Maggie is only allowed to set five traps at the same time which is more than sufficient in my thinking.

Do note that these traps take a little while so always have a teammate watching your back. The Monsters can easily sniff out the Harpoon Traps and even destroy them with a single attack, therefore; there positioning is very important.

The idea is to place these traps at choke points, inside bushes, and at the edge of cliffs. Monsters like Goliath can take out all five traps with a single attack if each one is placed close to the other.

You need to come up with a strategy and place them in a manner which would trap the Monster in the most effective manner.

Pet Trapjaw
When using Daisy, always try and stick to it and keep an eye out on the indicators appearing over Daisy’s head. Although it requires a bit of communication, but the best thing to split up your party – two should follow Daisy and the other two should anticipate the Monster’s next move.

And this is not all that she does! Daisy can run around and heal the downed Hunters and even warn you of sneaking Monsters.

Once Daisy has led you to the Monster, it’s time to set traps, take out your weapons, and trap it inside the Mobile Arena. The best way to utilize Daisy’s potential is to team her up with Caira and have her run around with Adrenaline Field.

With Adrenaline Field and Daisy on your side, you’ll locate the Monster in no time. Needless to say, but always try and protect Daisy from the Monster – she isn’t the toughest one out there.


This Hunter is unlocked by completing Tier 1 Mastery Requirements for Maggie. For information regarding his Character Mastery and Mastery Unlocks, check our Evolve Character Mastery Guide.

Loadout: Gauss SMG, Harpoon Gun, Sound Spikes, Mobile Arena

Griffin’s one of the most valuable piece of equipment is Harpoon Gun. This thing has the ability to freeze (not literally) the Monster in its place while your Assault teammates dish out some serious damage.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of Sound Spikes, but I’ve seen some players use them and they look pretty useful. Coming to the guy’s Primary Weapon, Gauss SMG, the weapon is pretty useful when it comes to depriving the Monster of its feed by killing different species of wildlife.

The thing can also deal decent damage to the Monster, but there’re certainly better weapons out there – this one is not meant for killing the Monster so don’t bother.

Gauss SMG
Like I’ve mentioned above, Gauss SMG is not meant to kill the Monster. You should definitely utilize it to take down weak wildlife roaming about the maps, but when it comes to the Monster; the Harpoon Gun is your best bet. But then again, remember that you need everything at your disposal in desperate times.

Harpoon Gun
This is the best thing Turtle Rock Studios has bestowed Griffin with. Harpoon Gun has incredibly long range and can immobilize the Monster in its track. One thing that you need to note is that the Harpoon Gun only contains one bolt and has a fairly long reload time so make your every shot count.

The idea is to use it on the Monster’s back, so as to keep it away from your teammates. Ideally, this should serve as your Primary Weapon. I wouldn’t even recommend thinking about switching to Gauss SMG unless you can no longer use this marvel.

Sound Spikes
Sound Spikes alert the Hunters of the Monster’s presence. Griffin can only deploy five of these at any given time. I’m not too successful with using these, but it appears like they seem to work best when placed near choke points, the edges of cliffs, and near feeding zones.

It’s also a good idea to hide them well as both the Monster and wildlife can destroy them rather easily. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that these things can’t detect a sneaking Monster which is a bummer.

If you manage to trap a Monster alone, make sure to deploy a couple of Sound Spikes near the area to call your teammates – or you can shout on them using your microphone.


This Hunter is unlocked by completing Tier 1 Mastery Requirements for Griffin. For information regarding his Character Mastery and Mastery Unlocks, check our Evolve Character Mastery Guide.

Loadout: Custom Shotgun, Stasis Grenades, Tracking Dart Pistol, Mobile Arena

Both weapons at Abe’s disposal, Tracking Dart Pistol and Custom Shotgun are extremely useful when it comes to battle. Unlike the Gauss SMG, Custom Shotgun can dish out some serious damage, both to the Monster and wildlife.

In addition to this, Stasis Grenades in his arsenal are pretty useful in slowing down the Monster and allowing your teammates to deal some damage to the best.

Custom Shotgun
I’m not fond of Primary Weapons at Trappers’ disposal, but Custom Shotgun is one clear exception. This thing can be used at almost any range and packs a punch. Due to its high damage output, it’s a good idea to run with Val or Lazarus in your party.

With their marking, you should’ve no issues depleting the Monster’s HP. One little drawback of Custom Shotgun is its recoil pattern which sometimes becomes uncontrollable. Still it hardly matters as long as you’re firing slowly.

Stasis Grenades
These things are capable of slowing down the Monster, giving your teammates and Abe a little breathing room. Abe can place no more than five of these grenades at a time which is why positioning them is of paramount importance.

The best thing about Stasis Grenades is that they can stick to any surface and slow down the Monster for 12 seconds. You should try and position them in such a manner that the combined effect of the grenades slow down the Monster as much as possible.

As soon as the effect of one grenade is deplete, toss another one in its position and keep the chain going on. This strategy is particularly useful against Monsters like Kraken and Wraith who can be very hard to catch.

Tracking Dart Pistol
The best way to use Tracking Dart Pistol is to use them on as much wildlife as possible.

For some odd reason, the Monsters are more inclined towards the wildlife tagged with Tracking Dart Pistol. Use this thing to your advantage and always keep track of the Monster.

Once the Monster has ingested the tagged wildlife, the tracker will start its work. Like with the Sound Spikes, if you manage to trap the Monster in the Mobile Arena, tag the Monster to call in support for your teammates, but don’t go inside alone.

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