Evolve: Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry Finally Release For PS4 and PC Today

Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry are two Evolve maps that were released last month for only the Xbox One as part of an exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

That exclusivity deal has now ended, and the two maps will be releasing today for Evolve for free on both the PlayStation 4 and PC. According to 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios, the maps should be available around 8:00 PM EDT.

Broken Hill Mine is set in the mining caves under the planet Shear, while Broken Hill Foundry takes place in a “fully industrial setting that has you sprinting down factory corridors.” The maps also add new campaign effects for the game’s Evacuation mode.

Alongside the release of the new maps, the developer also announced details for the next Evolve community challenge. If players are able to score 2 million headshots on Monsters while playing as Parnell this weekend, everyone will be rewarded with the Parnell Predator Skin for free. However, if everyone is able to go beyond that and reach 2.8 million headshots, Turtle Rock Studios will be gifting the community the entire Assault Predator Skin Set.

The Evolve weekend challenge begins at 12:01 AM EDT on Friday, May 1, and runs through 12:01 AM EDT on Monday, May 4.

Evolve is a four-versus-one shooter where four hunters take on a player-controller monster. The objective is to simply hunt down the monster before he becomes too strong and begins sweeping the floor with them.

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