The Evil Within 2 Is An Improvement On The PS4 But Not So Much On The Xbox One And PC

Evil Within 2 is out now and if you are a fan of the franchise and have played the first game then you know that although the game was great, there were plenty of things wrong with it from a technical point of view. Does the Evil Within 2 improve on those flaws? While Evil Within 2 is a great improvement over the previous game there are still some concerns that are worth mentioning.

Evil Within 2 on the PS4 is fine with minor hiccups here and there the Xbox One and PC versions fall short and the game is incapable of taking advantage of the hardware in your PC. The PC port is poorly optimized much like the previous game and even with the Titan XP and an overclockable i7 CPU, you will not be able to get 60 FPS stable at 1080p.

The console version of Evil Within 2 is capped at 30 FPS and the environment, as well as graphics, are way better as compared to the original game. It seems like the game is designed for 30 FPS and will not go above 40 FPS on PC no matter what you throw at it. At the end of the day, you will want to turn down the resolution to 720p if you want to get even close to 60 FPS.

PS4 Pro support is being worked on but is not available as of right now. The console version of the game is filled with FPS drops and stutters. The Xbox One X struggles with exterior scenes. All things considered Evil Within 2 is best played on the PS4 where you can use the boost mode to get rid of the most of the minor hiccups.

Furthermore, the game is a huge upgrade over the previous one that would run at 20 FPS in combat scenes and hence make it hard to play. The game is not worth playing on PC unless you don’t mind playing the game at 30 FPS.

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