Evil Genius 2 World Domination Tips

As many a supervillain can attest, taking over the world is no easy feat. Our Evil Genius 2 World Domination tips will help you find your footing and take you from a beginner villain to a truly Evil Genius!

Evil Genius 2 World Domination Tips

Evil Genius 2 World Domination lets you unleash your inner evil mastermind by giving you a shot at dominating the world. To help out with that evil plan of yours, we are presenting some handy tips for world domination in Evil Genius 2.

Maximum Minions

You need to have loads of minions to work faster. You can hire them for $10,000 from the minion screen. As the lair expands on multiple floors, you need to add more minions to best utilize all that extra room. All the extra room filled with minions will soon result in an efficient workforce.

Minion Training

Having lots of minions is good, but you need them to be trained! you have to build a prison for minion training. For this, you will need a prison room and investigation chair.

Steal Money

The yellow schemes in the region show the money which you can steal using your minions. After scouting a few regions, you have to start stealing money from them.

You can put some minions to work stealing money in the region you want. With this, you can get your optional objectives done.  This is very useful when you need to spend a lot of money on something.

Free your cover operation

At the start of the game, you will find that your cover operation is filled with a lot of useless, abandoned things that you don’t need. You have to free up your cover operation by selling these things.

This will also save pretty much cash for you as well. Now you can build your lair more quickly. You have to sell these things right away since their price is going to remain the same.

Add tourists and attractions to cover the operation

You need to have as many tourists and attractions as you can in your cover operation for fooling the other enemies. Your cover operation is the only thing that hides you from the other enemies and soldiers.

You have to add more objects to your lair when it grows and also trains them. With this, no one will be able to break into the lair since your cover operation works pretty well.

Unlock the Research Tabs

You can unlock a piece of every research tab if you have a Scientist and Whiteboard. Still, you can focus on building up your lair in different areas.

Firstly don’t get into unlocking everything; just start with the basics things, and eventually, you will unlock different things. Firstly go for the easy research and you can buy the lab equipment for starting the way towards world domination.

Use the Villains abilities

You can use the different abilities of the villains from the start of the game. The villains have special abilities, so you don’t have to ignore them; instead, take advantage of them as much as possible.

You can use these abilities for speeding up processes which will be very useful for you. With these abilities, you can make your minions work even faster and complete the work quickly.

Unlock and add henchmen

To unlock henchmen, you have to complete the side stories. After completing the side story, you can add the henchmen to your lair. You can use henchmen as the guards around your lair.

You can also add deceptive henchmen who will destroy the enemies’ plans before they enter through the door. They have many useful qualities which you can’t ignore, so you need to have them.

Unlock higher-tier research

You can unlock the higher-tier research after completing the main quest for advancing in the campaign. Once you have completed the main quest, the higher-tier research options will be unlocked.

Power Room

You have to build a power room since you are going to need this throughout the campaign. It should have a couple of generators, and you have to build it in a location where it can be utilized and expanded easily and efficiently.

Radio Repeaters

Without these, you cannot create a criminal network that will reduce your income. To earn lots more money, you need to have radio repeaters so you can make passive income. You can add a couple of them at the start.


The vault is very important for holding the gold. You have to build the vault to increase the capacity of gold you can store. You have to make it in someplace where it is hard to find it.

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