Evil Genius 2: World Domination Geniuses Guide

Evil Genius 2: World Domination lets you choose from a variety of geniuses that have their own abilities and change the way you play the game. You will have to choose one of the four geniuses from the start and use them throughout the campaign. This guide will help you choose one of the Geniuses in Evil Genius 2: World Domination that you think is perfect for your playstyle.

Evil Genius 2 World Domination Geniuses

Each Genius has a set of special abilities that affect the playthrough, including how much gold you win and other benefits you’ll get. Below are the four Geniuses with brief descriptions:

Maximilian Von Klein

Maximilian is the best Genius for the new players to start with as he has the best abilities out of all other geniuses. He has complete control over his minions to get the work done in a short time.

One of his abilities, Large Work Force, also allows the players to start with a greater number of minions than any other geniuses.

The special abilities of Maximilian are:

  • Work Harder!
  • Train Faster!

These abilities allow the minions to complete their tasks much faster and skip all current training sessions. He also carries a pistol with him to execute any minions that have turned against him or the ones who are slacking in work.

This spreads fear among the other minions and sets an example of what will happen to them if they betray or get lazy.


Emma used to be a spymaster for the government, but she has turned against them and wants to rule the world on her own now. She is similar to the working of the government and can deceive her enemies better than other geniuses.

The Spymaster perk for Emma can easily reduce Heat in the area and turn intruders against each other.

The special abilities of Emma are:

  • Pay Attention!
  • Plotter

Her Pay Attention! Special ability is similar to Maximilian’s Work Harder! Special ability, but Emma’s ability has a bit of difference. If her lair is getting attacked by the intruders, they will stop at the spot.

The Plotter ability increase the productivity level of her minions and makes them work 24/7.

Red Ivan

Ivan used to work for other Geniuses, but he got tired of being a slave for someone else. Now he wants to start his own cult and rule the world by himself.

Ivan is a powerful genius with the Might Makes Right perk that gives you muscular guard minions for a low cost. These guards can take out any intruders with ease.

The special abilities of Red Ivan are:

  • Do it Now!
  • Old School

The main focus of these special abilities is to cause chaos by giving a combat boost to the minions in your vicinity and increasing the work rate. You also get a rocket launcher to shoot at whatever you want. This can clear hordes of intruders but is also deadly to your minions.


Zalika is a scientific mastermind that made an AI at the age of six. She masters the working of the technology and can easily repair any item. The perk, True Genius, allows her science minions to be more intelligent and productive in researching newer and advanced technology.

Special abilities of Zalika are:

  • My Plans Take Priority
  • Repair

Her special abilities increase the work rate for all of the minions and the Science minions get a special boost to their work. It increases the research rate for building new weapons to conquer the world.

The Repair ability will fix any issue with the equipment and puts out the fire immediately. Zalika works best when you have a full team of Science minions and are willing to go the whole way.