Evil Genius 2: World Domination Research Upgrades Guide

You have to understand the phenomenon of Researching Upgrades in Evil Genius 2 if you really want to take over the world. This Evil Genius 2: World Domination Research Upgrades guide gives a detailed account of how to research upgrades in the game.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination Research Upgrades

You can do wonders using the Research Upgrades option appropriately. Ranging from improving your lair with additional traps against Justice Forces and even building a Doomsday Device! All you need are some scientists to get started.

Below are the two steps that you need to follow in order to research upgrades and benefit from the affiliated outcomes:

Recruit Scientists
The first thing that you need to do is to recruit scientists for the purpose of research. You will hence need access to scientists in your base. You will then need to complete the side quest and abduct a scientist.

The next step is to build Scientist Trainers in your training room and then train them from the general Minion pool. Your minions will turn into scientists up to the number you set in the Minion Trainer.

Build a Research Lab
After having the scientists recruited, you need to build a research laboratory for them. You will be asked to build a basic lab shortly after abducting the first scientist. For this, you will have to install a Whiteboard, a Databank and an Impact Analyzer to provide your scientists the tools they require.

Note that each of these devices can be used by one scientist at a time, so it will be useless to direct another one to the same tool. However, if research requires more work on a device, you can install multiple units and give you a research multiplier.

For instance, start with having 4 whiteboards, 2 databank units and 1 Impact Analyzer. You can then assign the whiteboards to 2-3 scientists at a time and get a research multiplier.

You might not need a further expansion of these units in the early game, and they will take you way ahead of the Forces of Justice.