Everything You Need to Know About Trials of Mana New Game Plus Mode

Trials of Mana has been out on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for a few days now and you...

Trials of Mana has been out on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for a few days now and you might already be close to finishing it if you haven’t put an allnighter already. Right now, you might have a question. Is there a Trials of Mana new game plus mode? How can you access it?

In fact, there is a new game plus mode in Trials of Mana and it won’t be long before you unlock it. In order to do so, you first have to finish the main story. After that, you’ll unlock Class 4, an extra story chapter that you’ll have to tackle before unlocking the ability to start a new game plus. Whatever class you have chosen at this point will revert to its starting state and all training points will be refunded.

There are some perks and some downsides to New Game Plus in Trials of Mana. For starters, you get a huge boost in stats when you start. This includes:

  • 50 Magic Defence
  • 50 Base Luck
  • 50 Base Attack
  • 300% Exp Gain
  • 50 Magic Attack
  • 200 HP

In addition, you’ll have all your items and money carrying over to the new mode. However, key items and 4th class items won’t carry over. Luckily, chain abilities, current levels, gear, and li’l Cactus Discoveries won’t get wiped. They will carry over as soon as you start New Game Plus in Trials of Mana.

As different sources claim, the new Game Plus mode is mostly there in order for you to try out different things in your team. This means that monsters won’t get insanely hard and you won’t get a Dark Souls vibe the further you progress.

However, it does give you some extra hours of playtime. How Long to Beat doesn’t include the set playtime yet, it will be close to what the original game was though.

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