Everything You Need to Know About Deep Down, PS4 Dungeon Crawler that Disappeared into the Oblivion (Roundup)

Capcom announced a new dungeon-crawler back in 2013 with the release of PS4, titled Deep Down. It had all the elements of a great game to be expected from Capcom and was completely different from other dungeon-crawlers. But silence ensued and has prevailed for over four years now with the only update of trademarks for Deep Down being renewed.

Now, it has resorted to being that promised PS4 exclusive that seems as enchanting yet unachievable as The Fountain of Youth. In hopes that Deep Down will see the light of the day, eventually, here is a roundup of everything that is known about the game so far:

Different From Trailers
In a 2015 interview given to website 4Game (later translated by Siliconera) the producer of the game Yoshinori Ono said that Deep Down would be entirely different from what the trailers had proposed. From the trailers, it appeared to be a dungeon-crawler, set in both distant past as well as distant future.

It revealed to have the perspective view of the player in New York City in 2094 and through some technical advancements that seemed very Assassin Creed-esque; the player will be projected to the past to find mementos, battle dragons, and whatnot.

However, in the interview, Yoshinori Ono did comment that the ideas that were revealed might not have been good enough in comparison to the current ideas which are bigger. Consequently, a potential overhaul like this will completely change the already stretched timeline.

Online Focused to Enhance Replayability
In the same interview, Ono discussed how Capcom wanted to make sure that Deep Down has a major replayability appeal. An appeal that is along the same lines of Dragon’s Dogma that sold around two million copies just in its first week.

Upto 4-Player Co-op Mode
The online component of Deep Down will include co-op with up to four players that will form small, heavily armed teams to battle it out against more powerful enemies. Capcom hopes to garner the same attention as Dragon Dogma Online that was only released in Japan.

Free-To-Play Model
The business strategy surrounding Deep Down has remained that same, which was last updated in 2015. It was revealed that Deep Down would be a free-to-play game that will later become a premium.

Deep Down to Feature Online Components to Enhance Replayability

This was introduced in 2013 and built around the free-to-play model which was major with Capcom. The 2015 update also revealed that this would be done as a test and an encouragement for other companies to introduce free-to-play models.

Expect DLCs Later Down the Road
In a 2013 interview, Yoshinori Ono said that the base game will be provided for free but “additional items” and “other game content” will be locked behind a paywall. Moreover, he proceeded to explain how the emergence of DLC was something that came about to them rather slowly since it is an easier way to distribute additional content.

Apparently the Best Looking Game PS4 Exclusive
In a 2014 annual report, Capcom declared that Deep Down is aimed to have the highest quality in comparison to any other game on PS4:

“The texture and rust of the player’s armor, the flames shooting out of the dragon’s mouth, and even the way light is reflected are all rendered in a strikingly realistic fashion,” the company said.

Title Set in Stone
Despite the fact that there hasn’t been any update on the development on Deep Down, not even a release date even but one thing is for sure that it will be called “Deep Down” after all.

Will Capcom's Deep Down ever see the light of day?

Capcom renewed its U.S trademark on the title in February 2016 and later again in February 2017. The trademark lasts for a year so, there’s hope for a 2018 release or maybe just another trademark renewal.

Whether or not Deep Down is still alive, there are no solid answers to that. But “Deep Down”, we still have hopes for it.

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