Everything To Know About Torchlight 3’s New Sharpshooter Class

Echtra Games has officially revealed the sharpshooter as the fourth and next playable class to join the fight against the dangerous creatures of Torchlight 3.

The following is what is currently known about the new class, which by definition excels in decimating foes at long range before they can even move. Precision and cunning is all that the sharpshooter knows and in the right hands, the class will be untouchable.

Sharpshooters are among the most reliable adventurers, able to use their skills to procure artifacts hidden deep within trap-laden tombs. Sharpshooters gather their own collections, evoking the “Finder’s Clause,” found in most Pursuit Contracts, which allows them to keep a portion of their finds. Many of the artifacts house ancient spirits who once dwelled within the ruins that Sharpshooters prowl. Some form close personal bonds with these spirits, who aid them on their journey. With deadly accuracy and an assortment of ancient spirits at their command, the Sharpshooter is ready for adventure.

The Lone Archer

The sharpshooter will be the only class in Torchlight 3 with the required skill to use a bow. While players will have the freedom to equip other ranged weapons such as pistols and rifles, the class has been specifically designed to master long-range archery. Hence, Echtra Games has paved an exclusive path for the sharpshooter in addition to leaving some space for experimentation.

The Summoner

The sharpshooter will not solely rely on ranged weapons to go on the offensive. The class will also be able to utilize magical trinkets for new and special attacks. Echtra Games wanted to give players more than just a marksman. Hence, the new class of Torchlight 3 can unlock greater skills through magical trinkets found through exploration. Both are designed to synergize with each other, also allowing the sharpshooter to summon ancient spirits for different effects.

The Gameplay

Like the first two installments, Torchlight 3 will have immense potential for custom builds tailored for specific purposes. The sharpshooter does well in that regard, putting it on the players themselves to decide between different gameplay styles. Depend on the spirits summoned, the class can be leveled to be either a long-range cannon with immense area-of-effect abilities or a precision-stacking robin hood with armor-breaking force.

The Skills

Just to have an idea about the class, the following are a few basic skills that the sharpshooter will have at the start.

Scatter Shot: Use your weapon and do a short range, wide cone burst of projectiles, each dealing damage. Holding it down increases the damage.

Heart Seeker: Fire a piercing arrow that knocks enemies back and does weapon damage on hit and leaves them bleeding.

Targeted Strikes: Fire three piercing shots each dealing weapon damage. Each successive hit to the same target deals extra damage.

Scout’s Bones: Summon an ancient rat spirit swam that moves slowly, piercing targets for damage and leaves them poisoned.

Sacrifice to Goose: Call down the great spirit of a great eagle you call ‘Goose,’ who knocks back enemies and applies damage vulnerability to them.

Loyal Shasta: Summon the spirit of your best friend, Shasta, who deals weapon damage and taunts enemies.

The Release

Torchlight 3 remains in closed alpha on Steam where the game is being prepped for an official launch either during or after summers. The sharpshooter as well as other classes will be available during the closed testing phases for those who have access. The rest of the lot will have to wait for the official launch. The fast-paced dungeon crawler will release for consoles as well but at a later date.

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