Everything You Need to Know About Red Dead’s PC Competitor, Wild West Online

Wild West Online is coming to PC as an open world online multiplayer game. Players are free to do as they wish within the thrilling Wild West setting. Based on your actions, you can either become a hero or an outlaw for a completely different path.

The game allows players to explore the wide open world, gather resources, PvP and PvE game missions,  treasure hunts and much more.

Wild West Online

Choose a Path: Based on your actions, players can customize their experience. In Wild West Online, you are free to carve your own path. How you play the game and interact with other players is up to you. If you are too far outside the law, a bounty is going to be placed on your head and other players can have an open season. You can also choose to be neutral and become a miner, farm the land or just explore the world.

Wild West Online

Massive Open World: The giant map will feature a range of different environments from the wilderness, settler encampments, lone farms, small settlements, large towns, train stations, gang hideouts, landmarks, and uncharted spaces of an “unknown nature.” The open world hides its secret deep within that curious explorers will find interesting.

Intense PvP: You can experience the dangers of the wild west through intense PvP combat. Players will feel safer inside towns as attacking players is punishable there. When a player is killed, he will only lose quest items such as- mined gold, recovered artifacts, and other items required for certain quests. All other items are safe.

PvE and Other Activities: You can take on bounties, farm, mine, sell goods, and do a lot more. Players will never be short of activities in Wild West Online.

Join Forces: Up to eight players can join forces to form a posse. From there, it is up to the players to decide if they want to be bandits or help tame the west as deputies.

Minor Crafting: Crafting is a minor part of the game. Players will need to learn recipes and forage for supplies as well as convert looted items into materials needed to craft necessities.

Wild West Online will release on Steam but the title is without a release date and a price for the time being. This is everything we know about this “Red Dead’s PC competitor” Wild West Online.

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