Everspace 2 Tips

In this Everspace 2 tips guide, we will be going over the most fundamental tips you need to learn to improve your Everspace 2 gameplay.

Everspace 2 Tips

Everspace 2 is the latest spaceship shooter in the market right now and poised to be one of the best ones out there, provided the early access launch window goes smoothly.

Below we have compiled some handy tips and tricks to help you out in your journey across the vast frontier in Everspace 2.

Experiment with Weapon Combinations
Everspace gives you the ability to have 4 weapons at a time. 2 of these will be your main weapons and the other two will be your secondary weapons. You can switch between these weapons at any time during a battle.

During your playthrough of the game, you’ll be obtaining several unique weapons; each having their own stats and abilities.

Since there are two types of damage in the game, and most of the weapons only excel in one damage type or the other, it’s recommended to select your loadout so that you can deal both types of damage most efficiently.

So, don’t shy away from experimenting with different weapon combinations.

Test out all of the weapon combinations that you can until you find the one that best suits your playstyle and also deals some great damage.

Manage and Improve your Inventory
When you start your playthrough of Everspace 2, you’ll quickly realize that your inventory space is very underwhelming. This means that you’ll have to manage your inventory very well until you can increase your inventory space.

The best way to get rid of unneeded loot is through the traders in the game. You can sell them all the loot that you have no use of. Though, be careful when selling loot so you don’t end up selling something that could’ve actually been valuable to you.

To increase your inventory space, you can buy Cargo Units from the Trading Posts available in several different locations in the game. Practically all of these Trading Posts will have one or more Cargo Units available.

The Cargo Units come with a rarity. The rarer the Cargo Unit, the more space it will give you.

The highest rarity Cargo Unit can be bought from the Flying Duchess Trading Post, which is located in the Ceto Outer Rim area of the Ceto System.

Not only will this Cargo Unit increase your inventory space by +4 and +3, you’ll also gain the ability to dismantle your weapons and equipment, which will give you some useful crafting materials.

Save your Special for When you Need It
During your battles in Everspace 2, your special ability will gradually charge up. Instead of using this ability whenever its charged up, save it for the tankier opponents.

That said, you also shouldn’t be too frugal with it. Just don’t use it on the opponents that can easily be taken out with your normal weapons.

Starting Lightspeed Travel
If you enter an instance, you can only exit it by traveling at light speed. To start lightspeed travel, make sure your cursor is aiming at an empty space.

If your cursor is on a solid body, you won’t be able to start lightspeed travel as the game will say that something is blocking your path.

Save Your Progress
As soon as the Early Access version of Everspace 2 became accessible, players have rushed to complete the 25 hours+ long content in the release.

However, players are concerned about the Full Release and that whether they would be able to transfer the Early Access’ progress to the full version or not.

Well, your save data will get transferred to the full game eventually. With that being said, you might want to have the exact save data that comprises all your achievements and collections.

This is why you might not want to rely on the autosave feature because the game autosaves during some specific events only.

Though the autosave feature in Everspace 2 helps a lot, it has its limitations, such as it only saves the progress when you dock at a hanger or enter a system.

To ensure that your progress is saved at the perfect point, you need to follow an extra step of utilizing the Manual Save. For this, you just need to dock and then manually save from the Main Menu.

You can then load data from anywhere without any hurdles. It will guarantee saved progress and you won’t be running at a risk of losing all your worthy progress.