Everspace 2 Factions Guide

This Everspace 2 Factions guide will get you up to speed will all the factions there are in Everspace 2 as well as their sub-factions.

Everspace 2 Factions

We’ll get to see 5 factions in Everspace 2 and all of them have been carried over from its predecessor Everspace.

As the name suggests, they are a pretty old race and pretty much extinct. You still, however, get to see their ruins such as the Ancient Warp Gates.

It is known that they came from a universe that overflowed with Dark Energy.

They fought against the Okkars but later signed a peace treaty with them. As a part of the treaty, they can no longer access the Demilitarized Zone.

Colonials belong to the Sol System and their population increased during the war when they cloned themselves.

Had it not been for them, human expansion would not have been possible. Currently, they are in search of Adam Roslin clones.

Grady and Brunt Prospects
They are at peace with the Okkars and the only interstellar mining corporation operating within the boundaries of Demilitarized Zone.

They are further divided into mining, trading, and defense sub-factions. The mining faction will fetch you raw materials, the trading faction will fetch you commodities, and finally, the defense faction will get you weapons and equipment.

Jobs within the trading faction includes rescuing freighters in case the Outlaws attack. Jobs regarding the remaining two sub-factions are still unknown.

They are everywhere and they hate the players and the Outlaws. In the past, they’ve also fought against the human-like colonials and they come from Cluster 34.

All of their 9 homelands are rich in Viridian Energy. If you’re wondering what they look like, they look like reptiles!

The faction consists of humans and other races and they can be seen around the wreckage from the war between Okkars and Colonials.

They are found in Demilitarized Zone, but usually, they don’t have much of a presence except the Coalition sub-faction.

The Coalition is a powerful sub-faction of the Outlaws all thanks to Hero. There are two more sub-factions in Outlaws, namely Headhunter and Eagle.

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