How to Farm Credits in Everspace 2

Credits are the currency of Everspace 2 and you will need them for almost everything during your journey. In this guide, we will list out the ways on how to farm Credits in Everspace 2 that you can use to become rich quickly.

Everspace 2 Credits Farming

Credits are an essential part of your progress in Everspace 2 and the more you have, the better.

You need credits to craft items like rare blueprints and to purchase resources, equipment, fuel and upgrades. Credits can also be used to unlock/buy different kinds of perks.

Farming Tips

There are several ways through which you can farm Credits in Everspace 2. we have mentioned a few of the methods to farm credits in Everspace 2 below:

  • You can get Credits as a reward by completing challenges. You will get a maximum of 3 challenges at the start of every run and by completing these challenges, you can get a good amount of credits.
  • You can get Credits by scanning and discovering Extraplanetary Lifeforms. The rarer lifeform you discover, the more credits you will get as a reward. You will find a lot of new lifeforms and you can earn a lot of credits through these lifeforms.
  • You can get Credits by looting Containers. Ships leave behind lost cargo and containers; you can also find them in shipwrecks.
  • Speaking of Shipwrecks, you can get credits from Wrecks as well. Wrecks can be either random wrecks, Freighter Wrecks or other destroyed ships.
  • You can also get Credits by selling resources to Service Stations and Traders.
  • By completing Grady and Brunt Prospect Missions, you can also get a sufficient amount of credits. These missions can include searching for containers with missing products, clearing minefields or to protect G&B freighters and ships.
  • You can also get credits by completing missions for certain characters. There are several important characters found in Everspace 2.
  • You can also earn credits by completing Faction Missions. There are 5 major Factions in Everspace 2 and several sub-factions as well

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