Ever Oasis Residents Recruitment Guide – Get New Residents, How to

Ever Oasis Residents Recruitment Guide will help you how to recruit more residents in your Oasis and keep your Oasis full of activity. As you expand your Oasis it is very important that you fill it with residents as well to help you run your Bloom Booths and create parties when you head out in the desert.

Ever Oasis Residents Recruitment Guide

In our Ever Oasis Residents Recruitment Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about recruiting more residents in your Oasis to keep if filled with activities.

Ever Oasis Residents Recruitment

Recruitment in Ever Oasis can be either very easy or very hectic, depending on the residency. You should build your Oasis and expand it to attract new residents. What you need to do is, build your Oasis as attractive as possible for the travelers so that they stop by and you can make them residents.

Making them join your Oasis is not just as simple as that, you will need to complete a To-Do task first. For example, a traveler was injured during his travel and he needs some Vulneraries, you will craft those Vulneraries for him at the Synthesis tree and then you will gift them to the traveler. He will then decide to join your Oasis as a resident.

Another way of finding residents is out on expeditions in the desert. Travelers are often found in places like Pottery Cave or other areas that you can travel to. In most of the circumstance, you will be traveling to these areas following a rumor or a request.

When you find such a traveler, help him out with his objectives and he might stop by your Oasis the next time they are in your area. If they agree to this, return to your Oasis and wait for some time. Complete your other objectives and in the mean time they will eventually show up. Recruit them in.

As your number of residents increase, your Oasis will expand. This is very important, as your game cannot progress if the Oasis is not expanded. Try as much as you can to attract and retain new residents.

Complete your To-do lists and make sure your Bloom Booths are well stocked up with resources. Sometime small creatures called Noots will also visit your Oasis to purchase items from your Bloom Booths. These creatures cannot be made residents but they are an excellent source of Dewadems, which is your main currency in the game.

This concludes our Ever Oasis Residents Recruitment Guide. If you want to add to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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