Ever Oasis Expansion Guide

This Ever Oasis Guide will help you understand Oasis expansion and will give you some tips and tricks to easily expand your Oasis in Ever Oasis.

One of the most important aspects of this game is to manage your oasis and expand it regularly to accommodate more residents.

You will spend quite a lot of time in expanding and managing your Oasis. This article will make sure you are spending it correctly and not investing into wrong resources at the start of the game.

Ever Oasis Expansion

Expanding your Oasis is a very simple task. Although it is simple, yet it is very important as it is directly linked with your game progression.

The only thing that you need to expand your Oasis are residents. You only need to focus on how to attract and retain more residents at your Oasis. Keep on adding more residents and your Oasis will continue to expand.

You must focus on expanding areas like the main road and the garden. These areas are very important.

They will allow you to collect items, farm for things and eventually build new Bloom Booths. Another great way to gain new residents is to complete your missions via the To-Do List or heading out in the desert to find the rumored areas.

When you build more Bloom Booths, it also increases the traveler flow in your Oasis. More travelers will mean more trading.

Travelers include different NPC types that will visit and exchange Dewadems with the residents at the Bloom Booths.

You should try to build as many Bloom Booths as quickly as possible, early in the game. You should also keep them stocked up with all the necessary items.

Expanding your Oasis also increases your power. This increases your health. You can increase it even further by building more Bloom Booths and keeping them fully stocked.

Keeping your residents happy also works. These two should be your main goals when expanding your Oasis early in the game. Main road expansion will get you more Dewadems in the long run.

So you must complete your objectives from the To-Do list, always convince new residents to join and create as many Bloom Booths as possible.

Keeping them stocked is equally important. Bloom Booths will ensure more travelers are coming in your Oasis.

Remember that every traveler will not be able to open to a new Bloom Booth as all will not be seedlings. They can be used later in the game so they will be useful later for your part.

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