Ever Oasis Dewadems Farming Guide – Quick Farming Methods, Crafting

Ever Oasis Dewadems Farming Guide will show you how to collect Dewadems quickly and how to craft different items that you will require on your adventure. As you spend more time in the game, you will get to know that managing your Oasis is not the only thing and occasionally you will need to go out in the desert to collect different materials.

For this, you must craft gears and supplies so that you survive out in the wild. This guide will help you in both of the above-mentioned things.

Ever Oasis Dewadems Farming Guide

In our Ever Oasis Dewadems Farming Guide, we have detailed some of the efficient farming methods for Dewadems in the game.

Ever Oasis Dewadems Farming

For any role-playing game, money is an important factor to consider and this game is no different. The main currency that you will need in this game are the Dewadems. The process of obtaining them is not really hard, it is just a little time-consuming. First thing that you should do is always make sure that your Bloom Booth are well stocked always. Never let them run out of resources as they will not only shut down but also they will reduce the overall happiness. Well stocked Bloom Booths will keep selling items to visiting travelers and Noots.

Expand your Bloom Booths as quickly as you can to earn more Dewadems. The more Bloom Booths you have, the more quickly you earn Dewadems. Use your Green Gale to collect the Dewadems when the Bloom Booth is ready to share the profits.

Another easy way to collect Bloom Booths is by completing objectives in the To-Do lists. More objectives you complete, more easily and quickly you will earn Dewadems. Whenever you get a ‘rumor’, track it down and complete to earn a decent amount of Dewadems. The amount of Dewadems that you earn is directly related to how many travelers and Noots visit your Oasis so make sure to always expand your Oasis along the road. This allows you to create more Bloom Booths and hence it will increase the traffic of travelers and Noots.

Your sole reliance of money will be on rewards and Bloom Booths alone as there is currently no way to sell the items that you stock in Bloom Booths. Make sure you keep on completing the To-Do list objectives, keep the residents happy, keep the Bloom Booths stocked up and you will be good to go without any money worries.

Ever Oasis Crafting

When you head out in the desert, you will need proper equipment and items to survive. This section of the guide will teach you how to craft the required items easily.

To start crafting, the first thing you will need is a Synthesis tree. It is a special item can be grown inside a small pool of water inside your home. You can acquire this tree easily by playing the game and completing some initial To-Do list tasks. Once you get it, simply plant it and it will grow up. After which, you can use it to craft items.

After the Synthesis Tree has all grown up, you can use it anytime to craft items. Visit your home, go up the stairs and into the room with the Synthesis Tree. Step up to it and press the A button. This opens up a menu and it will show you all the available recipes that you have and can craft. Recipes will insufficient ingredients will be greyed-out.

Items are expensive and they will require quite a lot of Dewadems to craft but once you acquired enough Dewadems you can craft items. It is very important that you learn how to use the Synthesis tree as it will help you to craft armor, clothes and even healing items such as Vulnerary. Visit the tree after every Desert expedition to see which new items can be crafted or which new recipes have you acquired.

You can acquire more recipes in the desert; explore the desert to find new items and recipes. Take down enemies and collect resources whenever you see them in the desert. This will make sure you are all set for crafting new items when you are back at the Oasis.

This concludes our Ever Oasis Dewadems Farming and Crafting guide. If you have anything else to add, feel free to do so in the comments section below!

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