Europa Universalis 4 Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

When the original Europa Universalis was released back in 2000, it was praised a lot due to its in-depth strategy elements. Owing to its success, multiple sequels were released by Paradox and today, Europa Universalis 4 is being released.

The game follows the similar concept with small changes boosting the overall experience. If you are curious about how the game actually plays, you can try its demo available on Steam.

It’s obvious that if you like grand strategy video games, you would be eyeing on this one too. Now, if you are experiencing issues like errors/crashes or bugs with the game, you can take guidance from the following troubleshooting listing containing the possible solutions to the common issues related to the game.

#1 Europa Universalis 4 – Black Screen Fix
Make sure that you are using up-to-date drivers for your GFX. I am not sure about this but some users have reported that their antivirus/security tool was causing the trouble. So if you are using any tool except for the Windows’ default, try disabling it temporarily to check whether the problem goes away or not.

#2 Europa Universalis 4 – Linux Demo?
If you didn’t know already, the demo for Europa Universalis 4 is only available for Windows so yes, you won’t be able to play it on Linux.

#3 Europa Universalis 4 – Game has Stopped Working
The error usually occurs due to a software problem. First, try verifying the game files and if that doesn’t help, you should be sure that your hardware drivers are updated. Running the game as administrator sometimes can also solve the problem.

#4 Europa Universalis 4 – Poor Performance Fix on Laptops
If you are running a game on a laptop that is well capable of running the game and still facing poor performance, you should make sure that your laptop is using the dedicated memory rather than the integrated memory.

This is a common problem with most of the game as they sometimes use the Intel HD gfx to run the game by default rather than the other dedicated video chipset (Nvidia usually). So, you need to make sure that the game is being run using the Nvidia/AMD chipset.

And if you only have to Intel HD card, you won’t be getting optimized performance. However, to make things a bit better, you can update the drivers for your hardware. Some users have also reported that re-installing the game after the driver update has also solved the weird graphics issue fro them.

#5 Europa Universalis 4 – Bad Map Visuals
The problem is related to the graphics. First, I will recommend that you tone down your graphics and see if the problem is resolved. If that doesn’t help, look for the most recent drivers for graphics card specially if you are using an Intel HD card.

If you come across any other issues, comment and we will try to help you out!

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