Tencent’s Europa Is The Battle Royale Game We Wish PUBGs Should Be

PUBG is currently making a lot of buzz in the game industry as the game has sold over 22 million units on PC alone, however, the game has been in early access since March and we haven’t seen much improvement in the game for past few months and Tencent has announced Europa, a battle royale title we wish what PUBG should have been.

Tencent’s Europa currently has no release date and the game’s Steam store page is not available in English. However, Tencent has not explicitly referred to the game as Battle Royale but the gameplay trailer for Tencent’s Europa does give Battle Royale Vibes.

Looking at the gameplay trailer for this upcoming title, really makes us want PUBG to be this smooth with destructible environments, dynamic weather. Also, players can use the destructible environment to their advantage as players can drop the debris on other players to get a kill.

However, this game coming from Tencent is a little bit odd since Tencent is the company that has partnered with Bluehole to publish PUBG is China.

That’s not all Tencent has also announced a mobile version of PUBG for China. The company aims to bring all the features of the PC version to the PUBG mobile version to offer the mobile players the same experience.

Thanks to the excellent accumulation of PUBG on the PC terminal and the teamwork between the two teams, the progress of the mobile game preparation is very smooth and in the near future, Chinese players can enjoy the genuine game anytime, anywhere on the mobile phone.

What do you think of Tencent’s Europa? Do you think it will be able to dethrone PUBG? Let us know in the comments.

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