Etrian Odyssey X Coming To Nintendo 3DS On August 2

The Etrian series is coming back to 3DS once again. Atlus has announced the latest installment of the series with Etrian Odyssey X for Nintendo 3DS following the teaser last week. The game will launch in Japan on August 2.

The game will include many classes from the previous games which are 19 to be exact and Etrian Odyssey X will have a new job title hero in the game along with other features like the Break/Boost system which was in Etrian Odyssey 2 untold, also the expanded character creator from the Etrian Odyssey V including portrait artwork from the previous games.

In Etrian Odyssey X, Atlus says that it will bring the largest number of maps to the game series ever.

By looking at the trailer we can see the gameplay is same as before with the first person dungeon crawling map seen in the main series before. You can customize the player character portraits like once again and along with difficult options like the picnic, basic, expert and heroic. A new feature is found which allows players to replace characters job class names as custom titles.

As seen on the site it further focuses on the game having a greater quantity of dungeon crawling than ever before with bringing back the previous subclasses and force/boost break.

It is yet to be seen that Atlus US will localize this title, as the previous Etrian Odyssey V released in English more than a year after the release in Japan. Same goes for Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2  which released in Japan in the last year and yet no plans for the release in the USA yet.

The game will be released on 2 August 2018 along with early purchases like Downloadable content ”New Adventurer Illustration Pack” and different portraits of the Gunner, farmer, Medi, and Nightseeker, and a special collaboration portrait from Atlus called Project Re Fantasy.

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