Etrian Mystery Dungeon Releasing in West in Spring, 2015

Etrian Mystery Dungeon will be releasing in the west on the Nintendo 3DS in Spring, 2015, Atlus has announced.

The game is a crossover between Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon, combining game characters from the former with the random exploration from the latter.

Earlier today, the game’s listing was leaked ahead of the official announcement through online retailer Play-Asia. The game is listed for $39.99 and marks the release date for March, 2015.

According to its description, the game will generate random maps, where the terrain will be different every time a player enters a dungeon. This element will make every run unique and bank in replay value.

Players will be able to choose their party of four from up to ten different class types. It goes without saying that each class features a unique set of skills and abilities that can prove beneficial in different scenarios.

The combat is going to be demanding. Abilities cannot be leveled up at random and players must decide which tools they really require for the path set for them. Dungeons stacked with enemies will also not be making your decision any easier.

In all, western fans will be pretty happy over this announcement. Etrian Mystery Dungeon is a title with great content and replay value. Be sure to pick it up next year on your 3DS.

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